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#USArmy Ranger Kris Paronto 2/3 #FactCheckHillary on her #HillaryLies on #Benghazi #13Hours

There's the allegation that Hillary's State Department was involved in illegal gun running in Libya to terrorists in Syria which is what ultimately lead to the murder of the first US Ambassador since the Democrat Carter administration.

Former US Army ranger, Kris Paronto, doesn't confirm or deny that the US government was allegedly engages in gun running.  He provides his eye witness, on the ground account of what happened when Islamic supremacist terrorists murdered our US ambassador to Libya on the anniversary of September 11.

Kris Paronto:13 Hours: What Really Happened in Benghazi (Part 2) on the "Jewish Voice" (May 24, 2016)

Narrator:  The Battle of Benghazi featured extraordinary acts of courage and heroism.  For 13 hours, six American heroes waged a fierce firefight to hold off enemy attackers against all odds. And now one of them is giving credit to God for helping him survive.  Today on "Jewish Voice" with Jonathan Bernis.

Jonathan:  Shalom and welcome to "Jewish Voice" where we help you to discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith.  I'm Jonathan Bernis.   On September 11, 2012 the American [consulate] and a CIA compound nearby in Benghazi, Libya were overrun by terrorists.  Six men displayed unbelievable courage against all odds to protect those buildings and emerged as true American heroes.  One of them is here today with us to share what really happened that fateful night and he credits God with getting him through this.  Please welcome Kris "Tanto" Paronto.  Hey, Kris, welcome back.  Glad to have you back with us.  I am awestruck by the story of those 13 hours and the bravery, the courage that you guys displayed which was "we're not   going to leave anyone behind - and we're going to lay our life on the line to serve these guys"  Is that just the mentality of all you guys?

Kris:  Definitely.   I think it generates first when you're getting into the military.  When you first sign up for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, the Air Force.  And then when you go into the special ops community it's reinforced continually.  Your sacrificing yourself for your teammate.  Your teammate comes first.  People that can't protect themselves, they come first.  And you're putting your life on the line for  them.  And God is in the military, at least it was when I was in. Quite a bit.

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Kris:  Every Sunday in your basic training you go to church because when the bullets start flying...

Jonathan:  Is it the culture or the reality your life might be required of us tomorrow.

Kris:  I think it's real.  I think it's a little bit of both.  At least when I was in.  I can't speak nowadays within the military.

Jonathan:  You were a Ranger

Kris:  I was an Army ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment in the 2nd Battalion, Fort Lewis.  For all you Rangers out there, 2nd Battalion was the best unit, best battalion!

Audience laughs

Kris:  1st bat 3rd bat are like anyway...but I think it's both it really is a little bit of both.  And it's also how you're raised.  We were all contractors at that time, we were all in our forties, so we're going back to the days when  that was "Yes, sir. No, ma'am." Opening car doors.

Jonathan: I remember those days.

Kris:  Raised with more class than I think most people have, the youngsters have nowadays.  So it starts when your young, but it is just continually reinforced as you move up in the community.  Especially when you get into special ops.  And when you get to be a contractor, it's there, the seeds have already been planted and now they're sprouted  and you're there to sacrifice yourself.  You're there to protect was our job.

Jonathan:  Well you certainly fulfilled your job with great courage and honor we honor you

Kris: Thanks

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Jonathan:  And all those that are watching that are veterans that have put your life on the line for the country we salute you and we bless you and we thank you so much.

Kris: Definitely

Jonathan:  Kris, talk about  that whole day.  Actually, talk about the time leading up to it because there were repeated requests from the Ambassador, himself, for more security.  There was a sense something was going to happen and we need more help.

Kris:  Chris Stevens, Ambassador Stevens was a great man.  He was a patriot.  And he believed in the Libyan people.  He was an immense human being.  But getting into the security aspect of it.  The consulate had been attacked twice before.  And also the British Ambassador had been attacked, as well. Severely, actually.  Which the GRS [Global Response Staff] element in Benghazi at the time responded to that attack.  We tried to respond to the two IED attacks and we were told to not go to those, as well.  Which, luckily, nothing happened. There was no follow on. So, the ambassador had put in multiple requests for more security.  The State Department officers on the compound, DS Scott Wickland, DS Alec Henderson and DS Dave Ubben were putting in requests for more guns, bigger guns.  Cause I remember telling them that if they ever got attacked with only rifles they were going to - and I used an expletive - but they're all going to * bleeping * die.

Jonathan:  Did they feel like their lives were in danger?

Kris:  I do.  They knew they were undermanned.  Cause you could just tell in their eyes that they didn't have enough security there. Their diplomatic security officers.  They're trained, as well.  They know what  they need.  They're not going to ask for more than what they need and they were continually asking for six months and it just fell on deaf ears.

Jonathan:  What do you think was the over arching attitude in the State Department and the administration? Let's not ruffle feathers?

Kris:  I think that's it.  That's one of the problems.  Locals solve local problems.  We're in their country - they need to provide security for us. We don't want to give an outward appearance of being too aggressive.  We don't want to be the bullies. That's what our State Department views are now more than ever



Jonathan:  We know this is a country loaded with Muslim radicals.  It's like we can't  face that reality can we? That we we're at war with Muslim jihadists.

Kris:  We're at war with Muslim terrorists with the Islamists.  I fought alongside Muslims.  There is a difference.  I have guys that I can trust but you can't trust a terrorist.  You can't trust Islamists.  You cannot reason with them.  And they were all over Benghazi and Derna, down the road. And they knew that. And we had told them that because that was one of our jobs was too see who is in the country just so we know what bad guys were there.

Jonathan:  This is the same mentality that's trying to force Israel to a two state solution

Kris:  Yeah

Jonathan: Without the security concerns - without realizing you can't trust people that have an agenda - a stated lifetime agenda to push Israel into the sea.

Kris:  I don't live in Israel, but I do work with the IDF and I do have friends and I do support Israel, as well. I do very much  so that I do understand I have been in rocket attacks as well.  So I do understand what it's like to be on edge 24/7

Jonathan:  You've been in Libya, Yemen, you have a very clear idea.

Kris: Yeah, Baghdad, somewhat dangerous at time.  You know, Kabul isn't a place you should buy a summer home so is Kandahar.

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Kris:  You know it's they don't understand what the Israeli people have to live with every day.  You're at a beach and you might get hit by a rocket.

Audience: Yeah!

Kris:  They don't understand that.  And until it happens to them - they still won't understand.  They won't listen.  Our leaders, nowadays.  It was exemplified in Benghazi that leadership that could have helped  - that could have provided more security - do NOT listen to the guys on the ground who are actually experiencing what's going on.  And that was where the problem was in Benghazi   and it's a perfect example of why we are not listening and supporting Israel as we need to.

Jonathan:   Why the cover up? Why the whole State Department and administration saying this was an angry mob as a result of some video and really calling friends, liars?

Kris:  That was tough to hear and see.  When I turned the TV on in Germany the next day and saw Susan Rice talking something about a video and a protest...honestly, I just turned it off.

Audience: yeah...

Kris:  And in my head I was just "typical - par for the course" I mean just me thinking like that is wrong because there obviously I already had known there was very little trust in the US government towards guys like us on the ground.  We're worried about going to jail if we shoot bad guy let alone dying

Audience: yeah..

Kris:   It's interesting you're over in harm's way defending American interests - defending Americans - and you don't have people watching your back at home.

Kris:  You know, it's uh -[ sighs ] - that's why I left and went to Yemen because I felt the government had turned on us.  I feel like a lot of the American people had turned on us.  It took me a long time to realize it now the government still doesn't have our back, completely because the family members are still being called liars - the family members of my teammates that died. But I do know there are certain politicians that are coming around and supporting us.  And I do know the American public is becoming more and more vocal and supportive of us.

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Jonathan:  Well that's true.  People are angry. And we have to channel that anger in a constructive way that brings change. I said that yesterday and of course I believe that we have the only message as followers of the living God that can really change lives.  The Gospel is the only thing that can cause a terrorist, a jihadist, to become a lover of God and a lover of people, lover of Israel. I have friends that were former terrorists.

Kris: I do to.


New York Times might disagree that only the Gospel can deprogram Islamic Supremacist terrorists.


Jonathan:  They love God now and they're transformed.

Kris:  Gosh, I don't know why I'm not remembering his name.  There's a gentleman in Omaha that was with the Muslim Brotherhood and now's a Christian.

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Kris:  He's a tremendous example of - and can give you example a lot better than I can - of what the mistakes were with Islamists and why it's great to be a Christian.

Jonathan: It is God's only peace plan, isn't there? The Gospel is the only solution we have.  So don't think "What can I do? I don't have anything"  You have a relationship with God.  You have prayer.  And you have the only answer for mankind.

We have to take a break in a minute. Just really quickly, John 15:13

Kris:  Yep. yep

Jonathan:  This is inspirational. You proclaim it - you  live it - what does John 15:13 say?

Kris:  Love is no greater than this than a man lay down his life for his friend. And my two teammates, Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods exemplified that by protecting - we saved 36 lives that night.  And they gave their lives completely for it - they both died.  So I think all guys overseas really live by that credo and it needs to be recognized.

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Jonathan: Amen. Kris, you know, that is the essence - that is the foundation of our faith that God sent his Son to lay  down his life for us - he who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.  Incredible that you're living that out.  God is calling us to live out that truth and to serve a dying world.

We have to take a break.  When we come back, we're going to talk about the specific events of what happened with Kris Paronto.




Jonathan:  If you're just joining us my guest is Kris Tonto Paronto who is an American hero.  And Kris. this is a riveting book about bravery

Zuckoff, M. (2014). 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi. New York City, NY: Twelve, Hachette Book Group.

Jonathan: You guys thought you were going to die, right?

Kris: You never think you're going to die.  You accept the fact that if you do - you do.  What we thought was that we're going to be in a pretty good fire fight for quite a while.  What we didn't expect was no US assets coming  to help us.  That was a little bit of a shock.

Jonathan:  No you were told not - there's some controversy about this - we love controversy!

Kris:  There shouldn't be a controversy but there is

Jonathan:  You were told not to go

Kris: Not to go - three times

Jonathan:  You were told to "Stand down"

Kris: One time when specifically the words "stand down" were used once to John 'Tig' Tiegen.  We were told to "wait" twice. Now to me and  I testify to this, too.  That's semantics.  Bottom line is "wait" "stand down" "don't go" it's all the same to me because we're not allowed to go.   But if people in the DC or the media, especially the left wing media, want to get particular, the words "stand down" were used for us within 15 minutes after we were called from the State Department officer saying  they were under attack and they needed out assistance.

Jonathan:  And you're being told "don't go" "stand down" that's got to be horrible



Kris:  That is, especially when you can see the attack going on and you can hear our - cause we're friends with Scott,  Alec and Dave State Department officers - and they're saying "We need you! Where are you?" And you can hear the panic. And when they're starting to cuss "Where the f- are you?!" And we've given our words that we would go help.

Jonathan:  I can't even imagine that feeling - and then to be told that you're liars!

Kris: Oh, that was...I have to say that still bothers me and it always will - being called liars.  I'm sure within the media - even social media.  Haven't been called that to my face, yet.  I'm still waiting on that.  Maybe I can exact some...well I know we're on a Christian show....I might exact some frustration on the person that does that.

Audience laughs

Jonathan:  You've got to lay down you life here man, this Kris, was this a breakdown in communication or was this instructions from on high - I'm not talking about the Lord, you think this was a directive all the way from the top "don't go"?

Kris:  For us, it was from the CIA local leadership which was our chief of station, chief of base.  And this is where the confusion is.  There were two different "stand downs" or "waits".  One was ours, that we know for sure we're told to "stand down" because the words were used.  That was from the CIA leadership.  The other one was where the military was getting people to come: General Ham at DoD AFRICOM and they were - Special Forces team was getting ready to come to us.  They were prepositioning.  The 555th Fighter Wing their pilots were getting ready to come and they were told by the State Department [aka Hillary Clinton ] that they weren't needed. That's the question I can't answer there - cause I don't know what was going on.



Jonathan:  Either - and you said, I heard you speak recently - and you said a fly-over would've probably scattered the crowd.  Just a fly-over!

Kris:  A fly-over would've stopped the mortars that had come in.  They were so deathly afraid because what they saw with American airpower taking out Qaddafi that - and I'm telling you right now - people in the audience - having and F15 or F16 fly over you at 200 feet, that'll scare you.  It'll at least shake you up a bit and make you think twice about coming out of your holes.  And that was really all we needed but there were so many assets available within that vicinity.

Jonathan:  And you reached a point where you just said "we're going."

Kris:  The whole team did - and you know - it was beautiful.

Jonathan:  You just made a decision, "even if we...this is the end of our career - we're going"

Kris:  You know, it's not only that - what goes through our heads, too, is contractors in the fight for the United States help to protect diplomats - do not have very good insurance - we've got this thing - it's typical wordy insurance that doesn't cover anything.  In fact, Glen Doherty's family is still fighting them to get his death benefits.  So we realize that if we did leave - because we disobeyed orders - because we're not staying within our scope of duties - not only if we were hurt over at the consulate - we'd have no insurance to cover our injuries - but if we died over there - our families would not get their life insurance benefits.  So that was not only losing our jobs, but also, it would have effected our family members and if we were injured, like I said, we're on our own.  But that doesn't matter.

Jonathan:  This is the Gospel ringing in my ear - the words of Jesus "That they persecuted me, they'll persecute you" There's a price to pay.


John 15:20 "Remember what I told you: 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.'"


Jonathan:  And laying down your life - there's a price to pay.  All this is so parallel.  But you made the decision together "We're going"

Kris:  And that's why God had that team there that night.  Myself, Ty [ Tyrone Woods ] , and Boon [ Dave Benton ] we're supposed to go home two weeks before the attack and we all extended and stayed together because that team - and I'm not saying we all were best friends - the team worked so well together.  And there's no doubt in my mind that God knew what was going to happen and said "you guys need to stay together"

Jonathan:  He sure did.

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Jonathan:  You went, you decided to go and you drove into an absolute mess.

Kris: It was just chaos I remember driving into it - and again - the media doesn't get you there. They don't tell you this. Only the people who've seen the movie, or read the book, or hear me speak - we had to stop 400 meters from the front gate  because we had lost the initiative.  There was heavy weapons protecting the front gate and saw Shariah and Al Qaida in the Maghreb were the two groups that attacked the consulate that night and they did what any good group would do - they blocked off the positions we could come into with a vehicle.  So we stopped  and there was a local militia there but there was only one guy that was actually fighting.  The rest of them - it looked like a bunch of cats where you throw fire crackers and the cats are jumping around.

Audience laughs

Kris:  It was mass chaos.  And I remember Boon looking at me as we were driving up going "We waited 25 minutes for this?" It was a statement more than a question but I understood it was ridiculous.  Yeah, then you get out of the car and it's the "snap". The bullets start whizzing - as a contractor, when the bullets start snapping by your head, you realize "They're shooting at us. OK, now we can go on the offensive and - that's what we did. And Tig - John 'Tig' Tiegen - fantastic job that night.  He pulls out a 40 mm grenade launcher and he starts shooting back at the heavy weapons down the road.  And myself and Boon start sneaking through back yards took us about another half hour to go 400 meters so ah...

Jonathan:  You got a smile  on your face when you talk about the bullets flying by and the popping.  You are a warrior.    You are just wired that way.

Kris:  Warrior or crazy I don't know - there's a fine line. We enjoy it.  In fact, that's why I deployed for so long. And even during breaks between my GRS contracts, I would go to Egypt and I'd get on a ship and ride across the coast to Somalia fighting pirates.  Sound like Captain Jack Sparrow [except - Jack Sparrow was a pirate...]

Jonathan: You're wired that way, but God is looking for warriors.  He's looking for people that will step out - that may be viewed by the world as crazy.  And He may be calling you [pointing to the audience] to do something that is absolutely insane - nobody understands you - and it is God! Go and do it! Walk out in faith!

Hey, uh, there's an expression "there's no atheists in fox holes" What does that mean to you?

Kris:  That means that when your life is flashing before your eyes - or your life as you know is in danger - you come to realize that there's a higher power out there.  If you're an atheist, you don't believe in an after life  until your life on this earth may be gone.  All of the sudden that after life is there!  It takes that crisis situation - that life-or-death feeling that hits you in the face - literally - to make you realize that there is a higher power there - there is somebody who is actually taking care of us and giving us our spirit and giving us the ability to live our daily lives in love.  Love and hate and have all those feelings.  Atheists, I think, is just the easy way out because you don't have to live [with any] responsibility. You don't have to live by the Bible.

Jonathan:  If there is a God, there is responsibility.  Kris, there's a beautiful verse in Scripture that says to be absent in the body is to be present in the Lord.  2 Corinthians 5:8



Jonathan:  In other words, the minute that your spirit's released with the death of the body [snaps fingers] you're present with the Lord.  And that's true for all.

[Looking to the audience] Maybe you haven't made that  commitment to the Lord and you don't know what's going to happen to you after you die, I do. And there's one name given under heaven by which we must be saved - Kris and I have come to believe in that one way - and his name is Jesus - Yeshua in Hebrew.

Audience claps

Jonathan:  It's an amazing, amazing book.  It's inspirational - it will give you courage.  It will give you hope to go on and it will just grip you.  "13 Hours" we want to sow this into you life ....




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