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#BananaRepublic 🍌 vs Constitutional Republic πŸ“œ #Debates2016

The left has expressed fake moral outrage that citizens in a representative republic would expect all laws to be applied equally to everyone, including Democrat Party politicians:

Dana Loesch  responds to Leftists latest fake outrage in the first hour on her Tuesday October 11 Show:

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Dana: This whole situation that this is a Banana Republic - all of the people who are freaking out over this. Trump wasn't talking about jailing her because she is his political opponent.  He was talking about her possibly facing jail time because, and I'm going to say this so slowly because I understand we have some transcription going on for the hackneyed progressive websites [ I resemble that remark - excluding leftist part] - [ slowly ] Hesaidthis because she πŸ‘broke πŸ‘πŸ‘lawπŸ‘. Right? hmm? Do you need me to repeat this for the rest of the class?  She broke a law!

Dana: That's LAWS - plural! That's why.  And, [ Trump ]  used the wrong verb because he doesn't understand how the process works. He can't nominate a special prosecutor, he can't appoint, rather, a special prosecutor. He CAN nominate one, he can't appoint.  But the core logic  remains that a special prosecutor would have to handle this particular case.  Why? Because she brokesees the lawsees! That's why! How many different ways do we have to put this? [ Producer ]  Kane knows.  Other people have gone to jail for much less!

Dana:  "But that's a banana republic!" cried the [leftist 'progressive' ] people, who defended Hillary Clinton for jailing a videographer and blaming him for Benghazi!

Dana: "But that's a banana republic!" they said when she threw him in jail over a weak explanation that he violated a parole over which the terms were sealed so no one can actually know whether he violated something or not

Dana: "But, but that sounds like a dictatorship" said the people who wanted jail bakers who don't make a cake.

Dana: "But, but that's the stuff that happens in a dictatorial banana republic!"  said the people who wanted to jail nuns for not offering contraception

Dana: You see? I can keep doing this.  Do you want me to keep going? OK.  "But, but, but that's just just like what happens in a banana republic!" say the people who defended midnight John Doe raids on innocent Wisconsins. Yeah

Dana: I can go on. "But, but, but that's what dictators say!" say all of the people who defended the weaponization of the IRS to go after individuals who disagree strictly on policy with the administration.

Dana: "But, but, but that's just what happens in banana republics!" cry all of the people who have no problem with weaponizing various bureaucratic agencies of the government to after people like Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote for simply wanting to uphold voter integrity?

Dana: Tell me all about those banana republics! For real! Tell me all about them! "But that what happens - what dictators do!" say the people who wanted to put Rick Perry in jail because he acted within the constitutional bounds of Texas law when he determined that he wasn't going to grant any more money to a department that was run by an out and out drunk attorney who had been arrested for DUI and had been in trouble with alcohol repeatedly?

Dana: Yeah, I mean, that's you know.   Tell me all about the dictators and the banana republics.  It's kind of hard to take these individuals seriously when these are the individuals who actually wanted to enact banana republic rules.  Tell me all about those banana republics, people who defend error-redden no fly lists that have zero judicial oversight.  But we have to put deny people thousands of which who are on these lists erroneously and have no legal recourse to be able to defend themselves or to get off the list - we have to strip them of second amendment rights!

Dana:  But we don't live in a banana republic, but saying that you would put Hillary Clinton - that you would prosecute her for breaking the law - that's a banana republic! Do these people know the hell that word means? It's not a banana republic to prosecute someone who has broken the law of the land. Good night! Where are these people getting their political arguments? From the jerk store?

Dana:  I kid, I kid. I just wanted to have a George Costanza moment [ laughs] Ugh! Tell me all about dictatorships when you want to jail people who do not believe in man made global warming

Dana: Tell me all about it!  What was that about a banana republic?  I couldn't hear you over the choking hypocrisy! What? I'm sorry, what? My gosh! Those things that doesn't mean what you think it means! Oh, you know what? Here's another, here's another - tell me all about - literally got tied up by a cord - literally, just like right now  - tell me all about the banana republics and how you think that prosecuting someone for breaking the law is just like a banana republic when you  defend the administration that gave guns to El Chapo and other drug cartels and then our Democrat leaders turned around and tried to use the murders that resulted from that action as a way to compromise and further restrict law abiding Americans' ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights!  What? Banana Republic - what?

Dana:  Just saying.  See banana republics are great when they're the ones running them.  That's not even a banana republic, though.  Here's just a really simple, it's so simple, it's so simple a caveman could do it, Kane, it really is.  Here's the gist of it.  Ready for this?

πŸ‘Don't πŸ‘Break πŸ‘The πŸ‘Law!!πŸ‘

I'll even say it in Pig Latin:

πŸ– Ontday πŸ– Reakbay🐷  Ethay πŸ· Awlay!!!!🐽


Kane: Seems simple to me!

Dana: Look! It was all bilingual and everything!

Dontsee Breaksee the Lawsee!!!

That's for all the Dilly Bar heads - pundits on TV who keep going "derp derp derp" Shut up! That is not! It's not! "Bake me a cake or go to jail!" "How dare you prosecute her for breaking a law that was just completely written out on paper in multiple places and she knew about it because she swore an oath to uphold it?"

Dana: For crying out loud! It's so insane! These are the people that are mad because you would prosecute, you would investigate Hillary Clinton? She broke the law! She even admits it!

Dana: But then she tries to act like it's no big deal: "I was wrong, sorry! Sorry, I was wrong!"  And, look what all happened as a result.  I don't think anybody died because somebody didn't bake a cake for somebody.  I don't think anybody died cause some nuns didn't give some people some contraception.  For crying out loud! This is the stuff we're dealing with! It's, this is what, this is why people mock these folks [leftists].  Those are symptoms of a banana republic, for lack of a better way to put it.  Prosecuting someone who legitimately broke the law and endangered the lives of Americans and even got Americans killed?

Dana: No, prosecuting that, that's actually following the Constitution of the United States.  These people can't tell a banana republic from a republic! [ I would've said: "they can't tell a banana republic from a banana split - wacka! wacka!"] Good heavens! [ From "The Princess Bride"]

Dana: That's right! That's not what it means, dudes! You keep using that word "banana republic", but that's not what it means!

I'm surprised that Dana didn't point out Obama admin selective enforcement of a law against Republican donor, Gibson Guitar, whilst allowing Democrat donor, Martin Guitar, to slide.

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