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#USArmy Ranger Kris Paronto 1/3 fact checks #NeverHillary #LeftistLies on #Benghazi #13Hours

US security was minimal to non existent at the US consulate at Benghazi because Hillary wanted to keep a  small footprint to try to win the hearts and minds of the locals not because of lack of money like the Hollywood leftists said in movie "13 Hours"

A US Army Ranger who survived the attack, Kris Paronto, described the events on May 23, 2016 "Jewish Voice"

Narrator: When bullets fly and buildings burned - split-second decisions can mean life or death.  The Battle of Benghazi tested the courage of six brave Americans, including one who says   his faith helped him survive today on "Jewish Voice" with Jonathan Bernis.

Jonathan Bernis: Shalom and welcome to "Jewish Voice" where we help you to discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith.  I'm Jonathan Bernis.  On the night of September 11, 2012, terrorists attacked the State Department  killing our ambassador, Chris Stevens.   Six American security operators fought to repel the attackers.  Five of these brave men lived to tell about it.  Our guest today is one of those American heroes.  He is here to share his incredible story of courage and set the record straight about what really happened during those fateful 13 hours.  Please welcome Kris  Tonto Paronto 

Kris: Thanks for having me, bro

Jonathan: Welcome to "Jewish Voice" I just want to say it's an honor to have you on the program.

Kris: I appreciate that

Jonathan: I've been looking forward to it and you are truly an American hero

Kris: Thank you

Jonathan:  You're really an inspiration to us all - you agree with that, everybody?

Audience: Claps & cheers

Jonathan: I want to jump right in with a question that I've been wanting to ask you, Kris.  You  had an incredible career in security.

Kris: mhm

Jonathan: You gave it all up.  You walked away from it. You are really in the lions' den, so to speak. You've laid it all on the line and are telling your story really to anyone who will listen. Why?

Kris: You know, it's wasn't a decision that I made right off the bat.  I continue to deploy, actually.   I went to Yemen after Benghazi.  I took 90 off and it was hard to remain in the US because I saw the misrepresentation.  I saw a lot of the lies that are being  strung about Benghazi and what took place that night. And I really felt that my best place would be back overseas with my team with my buddies with guys that I could trust.

Jonathan:  In fact, I heard you speak recently in Phoenix and you said, "I couldn't trust anyone."

Kris: You couldn't

Jonathan: "I couldn't trust anyone in America : politicians..."

Kris:'s because today's society is such a media driven pop culture society that every time I turn the TV on, I'd see something that was wrong or incorrect or fabricated based off of whether it was something to help somebody win an election was it to politicize  and help an agenda and nobody knew that we existed. And because of our non-disclosures we're not able to go out there and talk about it. And that's not what we do, any way.  So my best place to where I felt safe and also just felt comfortable was back with my guys and I was going back overseas.  And I was so used to being overseas, being in these countries because I did so for 10 years, that it was almost like going back home again. And after eight months and seeing the story is completely misconstrued and I know we haven't used the term "lie" alot with the movie and the book during the promotion. I'll use it now.  There were alot of lies being thrown out of DC about what took place in Benghazi.  And uhm we had a final straw for me was when we signed multiple non-disclosures.  We signed a non-disclosure during  the memorial ceremony at Langley for Glen [ Doherty ] who passed away that night and Tyrone Woods - Rone - and that was very unclassy, to say the least.  It was very hurtful.  And I remember the team after, the entire team, we went out, had a few drinks together,  and Jack Da Silva - Navy SEAL - John Krasinski plays in the movie for those who have seen it. He says, "Man, wasn't that just *bleeped* up?" And I said "You know what? that was" And we decided right there - we're going to tell the story.  We voted on it.  If any of the team said "no" we were not going to do it. And we voted - everyone was unanimous.

Jonathan: You reached a point - I remember the movie "Network" where they started yelling out the window "We're fed up with this and we're not going to take it any more."



Kris: Last straw on the camel's back. Just fed up and done with it. And it was a hard decision to make because we knew we were going to sacrifice our jobs.

Jonathan: Did you feel betrayed

Kris: yes

Jonathan: right after this whole outbreak the 13 hours.  Did you feel there were warning signs that were ignored?

Kris: Definitely there were warning signs.  You know, there was a failure by the [ Hillary Clinton ] State Department from the beginning -  to with that night - to the end.  DS Scott Wickland and  DS Alec and  DS Dave Ubben were heroes in their own right - the State Department security officers and Ambassador Chris Stevens and the RSO, Eric Nordstrom and DCM Gregory Hicks, Deputy Ambassador there in Benghazi there in Tripoli, I'm sorry, in Libya.  They had all been putting requests in for more security and their leadership up in Washington which consisted of Hillary Clinton, Patrick Kennedy, and Charlene Lamb kept turning them down.


Charlene Lamb, who worked in Hillary's State Department, was the person who testified before Congress that money was not a consideration for limiting US security in Libya - but an interest to win the narrative battle by keeping a small US footprint.


Jonathan: Why were all these requests ignored?

Kris:  The reason we didn't get more security - the State Department didn't get more security there - I believe because they wanted the host country to handle it and we wanted them to feel that we weren't being over zealous  with our security - so we don't put a lot of people on the ground there because it would have offended the Libyan government.  That's my opinion.

Jonathan: I want to ask you a question that I don't know if anybody's asked you before.  Do you thing this is part of  the agenda to diminish the power of America and to be able to create a level playing field so to speak?

Kris: I do and I said that during a speaking event

Jonathan: Anybody ever ask you that before?

Kris:  Actually, I love that guy -  I spoke at Lubbock, Texas and it wasn't that exact question but it was more or less "what does it look like? How does the United States look like to the rest of the world?" And I said, "You know what?   We are not making people rise to what we were - once was - which was a powerful country.  We're bringing ourselves down to their levels."

Audience claps

Jonathan: But it's by design, that's the thing.  It's by design and people just don't talk about it. It's by design.

Kris: I do agree with that

Jonathan: It's going to change

Kris: I do agree 100% I didn't agree with that five years ago but as I've been in the middle of all that stuff.  I've seen it first hand - I do agree with that now.  Today, I do.

Jonathan: I want to get into the specific events in just a minute, but the cover up that followed which brought you to the place with your teammates of saying "We're not going to allow this to go - we're going to speak the truth. We're going to be courageous and speak the truth."  And it's a different kind of - it's a shift of courage to deal with truth at home here.  Why the cover up?  The strange thing about this offensive video?

Kris: You know, there's some overt things, I think, and one was that the election was going on.  I think that was fairly obvious.  I think that if Mitt Romney would have grabbed onto that and utilized it during his campaign he probably would have won the presidency.  So I do  think that.  Terrorism was on the run - Osama bin Laden had been killed - Al Qaeda was not a threat, any more.  Terrorism was not a threat any more...Obviously, it was.  And then Libya became a failed state. That's where ISIS - that's where their training ground now is.   There's where the bad guys originated from before they head over to Syria.  You know, there may have been other operations and because they're of covert nature [gun running to ISIS?] I wish I could talk about them.



Jonathan: When people see through this and that's why we have a country that's really angry

Kris:  Yeah

Jonathan:  There's a lot of angry people out there that says "enough is enough" we're going to level Washington and start again.

Audience: Yeah! clappping

Jonathan:  So I don't know - I think we have to aim that anger - we have to harness that anger - and do productive things to rebuild America

Kris: yeah - you see good things - we're getting off a little bit- but you see good things with some of the candidates and you see some bad things and we do need to harness that to make it a more positive direction to change things not just yelling screaming and call each other names.   You can't do that.

Jonathan:  We can go off on that direction - but I want to focus on what happened in Benghazi.  The angry mob - who perpetrated this?  Was it just a sporadic thing?

Kris:  no, no

Jonathan:  Or was it orchestrated?

Kris:  No, this was orchestrated.  It was planned out.  For those that see me speak, I go into right before the attack.  9PM that night Ty and John were coming back from doing a reconnaissance and they were stopping by to check on the State Department guys. As they drove right in front of the consulate - call went in on the radio and I remember hearing Ty saying "We're going to go check on you" and Dave said "We're good.  Ambassador's in his bed and everything's quiet."  This is 9 PM 9/11/2012.  No protest - no mass gatherings.  Myself and Boone had been watching because we're on quick reaction force.  We're basically sitting in a room, monitoring radio traffic, watching TV and we saw nothing about a video.

Jonathan:  Any sense from the atmosphere, though, that you've been at this a long time - that something was brewing?


 Kris then points out ROE for State Department are just as horrible as for DoD.


Kris: Not that night. I mean the consulate had been attacked twice before.  We had actually not been allowed to respond to an IED attack on the consulate grounds 45 days prior.  Two months prior, the British ambassador had been attacked in front of the consulate, as well.  So there had been attacks hence the State Department saying that the security officers are Scott Allen and Dave the Ambassador saying "We need more security - this is getting to be a dangerous place." But that night, in particular, no, it was actually very, very quiet.

Jonathan: In hindsight, this would have been so easy to prevent.

Kris: Oh, yeah. I wouldn't be here talking to you if they would have got even just a machine gun

Jonathan: We have to take a break, when we come back we'll talk more about the details of what happened in those critical 13 hours and how Kris's faith got him through.   He boldly proclaims his faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - the God of Israel, and the Savior of the World, Jesus the Messiah....


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Jonathan: I'm back with Kris Tanto Paronto, an American hero  and this is a fantastic book that we're giving as a gift to people who support us in our work in needed communities  in places like Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.


Zuckoff, M. (2014). 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi. New York City, NY: Twelve, Hachette Book Group.


Jonathan:  13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" I know many saw the movie and many many books.....

Jonathan:  This is a really accurate account of what happened.  There's some things changed, but I read that this is not fiction.  This is a real account.

Kris: The team, the entire team, including Jack De Silva and Dave 'Boon' Benton  using their pseudos because of family reasons because their families didn't want their names out there - all of us wrote the book together with Mitchell Zuckoff.   No Marines, Rangers, and SEALs trying to write a book, we would have had a pop up book or we would have had a coloring book going on so we had to get a professional and we were blessed to have Mitchell Zuckoff who'd won awards from with integrity when he was with the "Boston Globe", he's still a professor out in Boston [ University]


"And so when the accountability review board reviewed this, they said these were horrible failures by the State Department and so that does fall to Hillary Clinton as the head of the State Department at the time. She has both publicly and in her book taken responsibility for those failings."

and he's just a generally good person.

Jonathan: An incredible writer, too

Kris:  He had a pretty good pedigree before us.

Jonathan: The two books he did on World War II were absolutely phenomenal.

Kris: They were awesome

Jonathan: A great author.

Kris: Yes, and you know God's taking by the hand when he just gives us Mitchell and then Mitchell put us to work.  I swear I was back in college, again.   And we did three different revisions to make sure it got right.

Jonathan: And you were very hands on in the movie, as well.

Kris: Yes, we were and now I have the ultimate respect for Michael Bey not only because of his work ethic (boy that guy works hard!) but because he wanted us to be involved.  Not only did it add validity to the movie but he has that much respect for veterans.  He does and he's a very generally in Hollywood that says a lot.

Jonathan:  How many saw the movie in the audience? And many of you watching at home also saw the movie

Audience claps

Jonathan: What courage.  This is so inspiring because the courage that the six of you display - it's just no regard for your life we're going to save people.  We're gonna do whatever it takes to get every man out.

Kris:  Well, that's what God would want us to do.  That's why I have John 15:13  on my shirt

Kris: You sacrifice. Man has no "greater love for his fellow man than to lay down his life for his friend."  And that's why guys go overseas as fighters and contractors for the military - that's what they're doing.  They're putting others before themselves. And, honestly, that's how we should live in this country and we're not seeing that.  That's how the politicians need to be and we don't see that in politics.

Audience cheers

Jonathan:  You obviously take your faith very seriously, Kris.  It's on your website John 15:13.  What a verse!  And you take it seriously.

Kris:  Yes, I do.

Jonathan: Literally

Kris:  Literally. Now I'm a sinner like everybody else.  I'm fallible.  The only one who is infallible is the Man upstairs, is God.   So I have faith that He takes care of me.  I have faith that if I do sin, and I ask for forgiveness, that I'm forgiven.  I was raised that way.  My parents are very strong in their faith.  We were raised Catholic, first.  To me, Christianity is Christianity.  Now ...

Jonathan:  In the end, it's about a relationship with God. Is that what it comes down to?  You talk about just walking through this devastation.  I've seen the pictures in the book.  I've seen pictures on television.  You walked into this firefight.

Kris: It's beautiful.  The reason why it's beautiful is because I accepted that there's where I was supposed to be.  God said that's where I needed to be that night.  And when you accept that's where you're supposed to be, you're not worried about dying because you know if you die, He's got you.  And you can open up and everything is so vivid and it was internal.

Jonathan:  There were bullets that were flying by you

Kris: The beauty of the snap.  You know, Micheal Bey did such a great job.  I remember talking to him "you need to get these colors popping. You need to get that grass green and that orange because that's what it looked like to us. "  There's no fog of war in combat.  There's no such thing. That's what politicians usually say because they've never been in combat.  They don't know any better.   They see it on cameras on TVs - on feeds.  When you're actually in the mix - everything is extremely vivid.

Jonathan:  Do you have this incredible clarity?

Kris: Yeah, you do.  You really do.  I obviously I'm going back there right now I'm just thinking about it right now.

Jonathan:  You're smiling

Kris:  There's a saying that we had that Rangers and Marines they're only worth their weight when they're getting shot at or hand grenades are getting thrown at them.  There's a lot of truth in that.  I mean, when that's happening, our world opens up and we become fun happy-go-lucky guys that are just happy to be here and happy to be  fighting.

Jonathan:  You actually talked about and I want you to describe this for us.  When you went into the compound and there's bullets just snapping by you and just knew you were going to make it.  You actually felt a divine protection around you.

Kris:  It's a cocoon.  Actually, the specific example that took place - we were getting counter attacked after being on that consulate for about an hour 11:30 PM and we're getting counter attacked from grenades and small arms fire and I got caught out in the open.  The movie, I wish I had as much cover as what Michael had  me in the movie.  I didn't have that much cover.   So I was out in the open in the middle of the road and rounds are going by and God's got me.  I cocooned. It's warm.  You feel warm.  There's a cocoon of protection around you.  You feel golden.  Honestly, you do.   And people ask me "have you felt that when a crisis situation or have you been in a crisis situation where you haven't felt that?"  Yeah, I have and it's kind of scary then.

Jonathan:  This is so applicable.  Very few people end up on the battlefield like you with bullets flying  around you - facing the enemy.   But we all face the enemy. We all go through trials and tribulations and there is a divine courage that comes with the certainty that God's got my back - I'm in his care.

Kris: And that's when like I tell people when I do speak and I bring God into it a lot when I do speak. Relinquish that control.  Let go and let God is really what it is.  And that's what you did there and consider you can't control the situation in combat.  When you try to control the situation, that's when you fail and that's when your chances of dying increase.    And that's an extreme example but if people can pull that extreme example from their daily lives, their lives are going to be so much better, so much happier and you're going to see so much in this world it's just clear.

Jonathan:  We appreciate you so much.  It's so inspirational that taking John 15:13 literally: "No greater love has any man than this, to lay down one's life for one's friend." That's what Jesus did for you, for Kris, for me.  And we need to have that same part of servanthood to lay down our life for a world that's dying.  Kris, thanks so much.  Look forward to having you back tomorrow.  The book, and this is unique gift that we're making available to you as you help us....

One last film allusion 1944 "Gaslight"

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