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#USArmy Ranger Kris Paronto 3/3 #FactCheckHillary on her #HillaryLies on #Benghazi #13Hours

After four years, we still don't really know why the USA ambassador to Libya was at an unsecure location on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks

Kris Paronto:13 Hours: What Really Happened in Benghazi (Part 3) (May 25, 2016)

Narrator: In the battle of Benghazi, six brave Americans became heroes after holding off enemy attackers for thirteen grueling hours.  It was the ultimate test of courage and faith.  This inspiring real-life story, today, on "Jewish Voice" with Jonathan Bernis.

Jonathan:  Shalom and welcome to "Jewish Voice" where we help you to discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith.  I'm Jonathan Bernis.   I'm sure that many of you saw the movie "13 Hours" It's a gripping, true story of the events of September 11. 2012 when our American Embassy [ consulate ] was attacked by terrorists, killing our ambassador, Chris Stevens.    Six of our security officers fought against all odds to protect and save lives.  They became true, American heroes.  What really happened that night, and why is one man speaking out? Please welcome an American hero, Kris Tonto Paronto.

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Jonathan:  Thanks for being back with us, Kris.  It's a joy to have you this week.

Kris: Thank you

Jonathan:  And I've really been looking forward to this week.  We thank you [turning to audience] and I want to thank every veteran that has put their life on the line for America.  We   appreciate you so much and we just want to say, "God bless you - we love you - and we salute you!"

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 Jonathan: You know, Kris, I think that so many take for granted and there's a certain group that I'm not going to mention [ Democrats - leftists - reprobates ] that take what you guys do for granted.  And you're really putting your life on the line - the line out there - for our country.

Kris:  Yes, sir

Jonathan: Why, you said "enough is enough" at some point because of the lies that were being spread about this whole thing.  Why have you just given up everything to tell our country what really happened? what was the breaking line?

Kris:  Well, the breaking line was that non-disclosure that we were supposed to sign during the memorial ceremony for Ty [ Tyrone 'Rone' Woods ] and Glen [ Glen 'Bub' Doherty ]. It was about eight months or so after the attack.   Now, up to that point, we didn't exist in some aspects in some of the views of some of the people out there.  Also this story because it was being misconstrued, and really the guys on the team weren't being honored as they should be.  And then Ty and Glen, they gave their lives for to protect Americans lives - to protect others.  And I really felt they weren't being honored, as well. We all did, the team did.  It just gets to a point where you can only push SEALs Marines and Rangers so far.  I know we're supposed to turn the other cheek.  And it just got to the point where this is completely disrespectful - this is dishonorable - the families aren't being treated correctly.  The families are being lied to.

Jonathan:  And being called liars

Kris:  And being called liars, as well.  Still, till this day.  Still, Hillary Clinton has called the family members liars.

Kris:  Sheryl, and Katie [Kate Quigley, the sister of Glen Doherty ] and Pat Smith liars.

Kris:  And that really bothers me, immensely because I've seen how it's effected the family members.  I've seen how it's effected Pat Smith - mentally and emotionally.      And to do that in a large scale media basis and have people actually believe her [ Hillary ] when they haven't lost their family members to war, to terrorism.  It really makes me angry.  Makes me want to fight a little bit more.

Jonathan:  I think the whole audience and many people who are watching feel angry, too

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Jonathan: And, as I've been saying all week, we have to channel that anger in a constructive way to bring change.  It's not just yelling and screaming, we actually have to do something to bring change.

Kris:  Yes

Jonathan:  And we have the power to bring change - we have the power of prayer - we have the power of the Gospel.  God has called us to be salt and light.  And you've really been a great inspiration for us.  Kris, thank you.

Kris:  Well, I appreciate that.  I don't know if I'm that much.  But I appreciate the kind sentiments.

Jonathan:  You are, indeed.  I might be going a little too far here, if I do, just stop me.  But, this was not an angry mob, by chance.

Kris:  No

Jonathan: This was orchestrated

Kris:  Yes

Jonathan:  And there's more behind the scenes here.  Ambassador Stevens was a much higher level ambassador than most people are aware of.  They downplayed that.

Kris:  And they shouldn't.  There are different levels of ambassadorship.  I tell you how I know that is because I was the detail leader for high-level ambassadors when I was with the State Department.  Before when I was with the Agency [ CIA ] I did protect Ambassador Zalmay Mamozy Khalilzad  - I did protect Ambassador James F. Jeffrey  the Deputy Chief of Mission of Iraq and the ambassador to Iraq.  And to put in perspective of what Ambassador Stevens, which rated that level, like a vice president or a three star general if you want to get into comparisons.  He had six security guards over there [ as the State Department annex] Scott [ DS Scott Wickland ] , Alec, Dave [ DS Dave Ubben ] and then two of the guys from Tripoli.  They had about twelve years of military experience in between them.  When I was protecting the ambassadors to Iraq Mr. Khalilzad and Mr. Jeffrey, I had sixty Black Water operators - I had two little bird helicopters - I had a company of infantry soldiers out of Minnesota and three armored personnel carriers.

Jonathan:  So these are high-level ambassador that was doing more than meets the eye

Kris:  He was doing more than meets the eye

Jonathan:  And there are a lot of secrets here that are being swept under the carpet

Kris:  Yes

Jonathan:   And there's a timing here - certain people - high level people left the scene before the attack.

Kris:  Yes

Jonathan:  I know some of these things.  I mean this is, again, we're going to finish this show and I'm going to really drill down on you.

Kris laughs

Jonathan:  So there's much more here than meets the eye.  But this is not a band of angry people.  This is planned, this is orchestrated, this is Islamic terrorists planning an attack against Americans.

Kris: Yep.  And that's exactly what it was. They are very good, Islamic terrorists, they have learned.  They're not  ignorant people when it comes to fighting.  They've been fighting forever.  From the Mujahudeen when the Russians were in Afghanistan - and, there were foreign fighters there, I saw them.  I know they were there part of that attack.  And they are very good at blending and surprising and hitting hard quickly because they know they're not going to be able to sustain because when we come into - our tactics can overcome - and our weapon systems - and our night vision will be able to counter attack

Jonathan: But our policies played into their hands.  There was  request, repeated request, for more security.

Kris:  Definitely.

Jonathan: And were just ignored

Kris:  Yes, completely.  It was denied continuously and by the [ Hillary Clinton ] State Department.  Those three levels that I know of leadership there based off of my experience with the State Department and also just asking guys on the ground - you had Hillary Clinton - you had Patrick Kennedy - and Charlene Lamb.  And to me those three people there are responsible for what took place and the deaths - and the terrorists of course - but the deaths and the attack.

Jonathan:  Kris, one of the things I that I'm committed to do through this program is to speak the truth in love and the reality is that we face Islamic terrorists and this is being ignored or swept to the side in our current administration  but we face an army of jihadists that are committed to our destruction.  It's not just because we support Israel - it's because they're committed to the death of the infidel.

Kris:  Yes

Jonathan:  The destruction   of the infidel.  And this isn't going to go away, is it?

Kris:  No, it doesn't.  You can't reason, you can't pay, there's no way to reason with it.  I'm glad you're able to say "Islamic terrorism" here.  The administration, for some reason, can't say it.

Jonathan: Without stuttering, by the way "Islamic terrorists"

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Jonathan:  And a religious system that really if you look at the religious system it  is a militant religion.

Kris:  Shariah law is a very discriminatory - gender biased - religion - it is. It's funny.  We can do a whole other show on that.  It's funny to me that American people don't - especially the ones that have called us liars - don't believe that it is a serious threat and that they want  - I'm not going to sugar coat it - they want to kill you.

Audience: Oh, yeah

Kris: And you cannot pay for that.  You cannot say "Well, you know, you know, I believe with what you're thinking." Well, that's fine - here's an orange jump suit, let's put you on TV and do bad things to you.

Jonathan:  And Kris - appeasement doesn't work

Kris: No

Jonathan: I mean, that's the honest truth and we have - there's too much appeasement.  The world is saying, we will appease.  No there's a lot of good Muslims.

Kris: And I've fought along side of them. I have.  There are good Muslims.  Kurdistan is a perfect example of a Muslim country - I shouldn't - it, honestly, should be its own country.  We should let go and let it get off of Iraq and make Kurdistan.

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Kris:  Because there is a Christian community there and they work and they play and do everything together and I worked there for three years. And President [ Masoud ] Barzani  and [ Jalal ] Talabani they don't put up with terrorism either in those countries.  In fact, they're stronger against it than I think we are.

Jonathan:  I think we have to begin by identifying the problem.  This is Islamic terrorism.  This isn't Jews or Christians strapping bombs on themselves  and blowing up people.  And this is the dilemma Israel faces.  They can't give up their security and trusting a hollow peace.

Kris: Nope

Jonathan:  When you have people on the other side of the table that are absolutely committed to your destruction.   And that's what we're talking about.  That's what this whole thing is about. People that want to destroy America and the whole West - they want t wipe us out.

Kris:  The ironic thing  of what took place that night is Ambassador Chris Stevens and whether ironic is the right word - I think it is - is that they killed an ambassador that was dedicated to loving Islam.  Dedicated to the Muslim people there and dedicated to helping get Libya on its feet.  They killed on of their biggest allies - one of their biggest Christian allies to that country there.   And that just shows that if anything that terrorism doesn't care who it is.  You can be friends with the Muslims - Ambassador Stevens loved Libyans - and he was a good man - a very good man. He thought he was doing   the right thing.  I thought he was doing the right thing, too.  And they killed him, just because.

Jonathan:  He have to hear the truth, folks.    We've got to take a quick break.  We have much more with Kris Paronto still ahead.  And when we come back, we're going to talk about specifically what happened in those thirteen hours.  It's a gripping story.  It's a story of faith and courage....


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Jonathan: Welcome back.  Our guest is a true American hero.  Kris Tonto Paronto, many of you have seen the movie.  I don't know how many of you have read the book, "13 Hours", but this is riveting.  It's a story of courage, Kris, and, putting your life on the line.  John 15:13 is on your website.  It's really your life first, isn't it?

Kris:  It is. It's actually on my wall, downstairs in my little man cave in my house before - way before Benghazi even happened - years before.  The reason I think it became - I came out more outwardly and people recognize it was because of media.  On Fox News we did our first interview - where myself, John 'Tig' Tiegen and Mark 'Oz' Geist came out saying this is us - this is what we did - and I have that verse on my wall.

Jonathan:  "Greater love hath no man than this..."

Kris:  "...than a man lay down his life for his friend."  And that's - I think the military should pull that in as one of the soldier's creed now.

Jonathan:  Absolutely

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Jonathan:  And you guys live that out. And, Kris, this is the essence of the Gospel, friends.  That a man, actually, God, Himself, gave his life.  The only begotten Son of God, laid down his life - He who knew no sin becoming sin for us. - that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.  And then our relationship with God's salvation is all about putting our faith in the one that laid down his life - is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved.

Kris, you've lived this out.  You and your friends made a decision after being told  - by the way - this is a sticking point - that I know is hard to hear again and again.  But  you were told "Don't go -  Stand down" whatever the wording was - you were ordered not to enter into this fight.  And then you were told - that people proclaimed that you were liars.  Politicians say you're lying

Kris:  Yeah, people still are and I think Geraldo [ Rivera ] still calling me a liar.  I know he was there with me in the back of my truck that night so he knows the heck what was going on.  So, it's still going on to this day.  And that's OK.  You know what ...

Jonathan: An expert who wasn't there

Kris:  Of course.  We've had plenty of experts that weren't there that tell us what happened to us that night because it must have been posted on facebook.  But, you know, it gets hard to hear - but it also gives us resolve. You know, fine.  We are fighters.  That's what guys like myself are - that's what Navy SEALs, Rangers, Marines, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters - we are fighters.  And if we're pushed and we're called names or we're pushed into a corner - we're going to fight back and that's even with words.

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Jonathan: And we are so grateful.  Many of you who are watching are veterans.  You've served in Afghanistan or Iraq, you're a police officer we applaud you, we love you, we bless you

Audience: Yeah

Jonathan: We thank God for you - we really do - we stand with you

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Jonathan:  Kris, here's the thing I want you to bring out.  You guys, terrible health plan. You all have families, and by this time you were watching - you heard this, you saw this.  You knew that this was - you were putting your life on the line.

Kris:  And it was a terrorist attack on the consulate, yes, sir

Jonathan:  And you may die - And you decided against orders to go.  Talk about that moment where you decided - and it was universal - a collective decision - unanimous "We're going" Talk about that

Kris:  It's, I remember vividly - and I do speak about this when I do my speaking events whether it's leadership - or Christianity - or God in combat - or just about that night.  I remember Ty, Ty Woods, and Ty was a big guy. Ty, if you've seen the movie,  James Badge Dale, who plays Ty got big, monstrous, muscular, because Ty was a muscular - but most SEALs are - they're going to go to the movies, any way and do Hollywood, so they get big.

Audience laughs

Kris: But Ty was abnormally large and he put his arm out the car door when we got the call from Alec Henderson saying "GRS - If you don't get here, we're all going to f-ing die!" And he went like this [ Kris makes a thumb up sign ] I just saw that big arm come out of the car door and I'm like "Yes, let's go! It's time"

Jonathan: You've got to do what you've got to do at this point

Kris:  Yes, and to me and to the rest of the guys that was a unifying moment saying we're in this together - let's go take care of business.

Jonathan:  Do you have to kind of grit your teeth and be courageous, or are already everything's pumping?  You talk about clarity, there's no fog in the midst of battle.

Kris:  There is - and- luckily again - God's blessing - luckily for us - all of us were in our forties - all of us have been deploying for ten years.  We'd all been through crisis situations whether it's combat or whatever you want to call it.  So, at that point in time, we recognized what was in store for us and what the possibilities were - possibilities of us dying or living or what we're going to get into. So it really wasn't really gritting your teeth - it was time to go to work. Let's go. And like I said, because the team was so close, and because we all knew each of us knew that each of us had each other's backs - we had a lot of faith.  That it wasn't a hard decision to go out - and it was actually like going and starting a football game.  You got those jitterbugs - you got those butterflies. You turn that fight or flight response into the fight response and it's game time - we're on the football - let's go play.

Jonathan: Now, you had this peace, right, that you knew that if you were hit and died - the Lord - you were in the Lord's presence.

Kris:  I knew He'd take care of me and He'd take care of my family and it was fine.  You can't go over in these areas and can't get into combat or join - you can't be in area where you might die - protecting or fighting for American lives or fighting for our freedom - which a lot of people over here in the states don't realize that's what we're doing overseas - and think you're going to die.  Because if you get that little bit of doubt in your head - your chances of dying have increased exponentially.  You can't do it.  So you have to keep - and that's where the good team comes in account because they give each other confidence because we know that he's not going to let me down and I'm not going to let him down.

Jonathan: Yeah, and the surety that God had your back in all this.  So talk - take us to the scene now - take us to the consulate and it's a disaster - there's flames - enemies all around - bullets are flying past you.  Now, you actually love it.

Kris: Yeah. There was so much confusion because in these countries - and people that have lived - or fought in the Middle East or North Africa - I equate it to being in Nebraska and having the tornado sirens go off and people don't go run and hide - they come out to see where the tornado is - they don't take cover.  Well, it's the same with these areas when combat goes on.  The local Libyans - whether the be terrorists or not - they don't go take cover - they come out to find what's going on. So the consulate was in complete chaos because there were just people everywhere.  We had no idea.

Jonathan: You had no idea who the tourist or observers were and who the combatants were.

Kris: And Michael Bay did a great job showing that confusion in the movie.  We had no idea.  So that was what the difficulty of it so when the RPG [ rocket propelled grenade ] first one hit I saw a guy run by me and his hand was missing - I figured he tried to throw a grenade at us.  And I didn't really pay him any mind - thought well, "Serves you right - karma" Don't throw a grenade at us, anymore.  But then when the second one hit - I knew it was RPG and the bullets started flying - and you just feel - again I equate it to being in a golden cocoon is a perfect example.

Jonathan:  Did you know at some point, even though there are these all of these enemy fire and it's chaos - did you know at some point - "I'm going to make it through this"?  You were in a tractor beam or a

Kris:   I did another thing - "I'm going to get out of this alive" - You don't think that.  You're just fighting. You're in that moment.  You're not thinking "Oh, I hope gosh I hope I can get out of this alive" You just know that God's got you - that's where you're supposed to be


Kris sounds a little bit like St. Teresa of Avila


Kris: And you just continue to do what comes up next - the next minute, you do whatever is put in front of you the next minute.  And it just continually goes like that until that plane comes thirteen hours later and I'm still - no Americans because it was a Libyan plane.  But I accept, you know  - out of my head when I saw that - I mean I thought "God does have a sense of humor!"

Jonathan:  Kris, we thank God for you

Kris:  Thank you, sir

Jonathan:  Not only your courage but your great testimony.

Kris:  Thank you, sir

Jonathan:  Your faith in a living God and keep up the great work! [ Jonathan shakes Kris' hand]

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Jonathan:  You're really making a difference.  We're offering as a gift this week a hardcover edition, hand signed by Kris.  And this is our way of saying "thank you" of sowing into your life as you sow into our ministry to help people that don't even have clean water ...

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