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#GlennBeck vs #NeverHillary 4/4

Glenn Beck's fourth program exposing Hillary Clinton's corruption "Hillary Clinton Part IV: Political Career" 10/07/2016

Beck: For Bill and Hillary Clinton, it had been a wild ride:






Waco massacre

Bill's affairs, sexual harassment, sexual assault, even rape allegations

Beck: and impeachment.  These were but a few of the scandals and controversies that surrounded the Clintons even before Hillary's own political career even began.

After being elected and having served as the junior senator from New York in the United States Senate, Hillary ran a failed campaign for presidency - losing a thirty point lead in the process to Barack Obama in 2008.    President Obama then surprised many by nominating Hillary for Secretary of State.  Upon accepting the nomination, Hillary said that she had been reluctant to  leave the senate, but the new position represented a  difficult and yet exciting adventure.  She got a glimpse at exactly how difficult it would be just a short time later.  When in March 2009, feeling that President Bush had  sullied the United State's relationship with Russia, she announced a reset of relations with Russia.  In a ceremony which in included presenting a symbolic reset button to the Russian Foreign Minister [Sergei Lavrov]

Hillary: We want to reset our relationship

Sergei Lavrov: Lets do this together

Hillary: So we will do it together OK? [ cackling ]

Lavrov: Thank you very much

Hillary:  You are very welcome. We worked hard to get the right Russian word - do you think we got it?

Lavrov:  You got it wrong.

Hillary: I got it wrong

Beck: Some feel that that moment was actually the highlight of US Russian relations under Hillary and Obama and it has been downhill ever since.  After the reset, the Russians have threatened Europe's energy supply - disagreed and fought with US efforts to stop Iran's nuclear program - expelled US aid from Russia - offered US fugitive, Edward Snowden, a safe haven -  militarily moved into Crimea and annexed it - threatened Ukraine repeatedly - supported Bashar Assad in Syria, and backed his efforts to stay in power -  and they have bombed US backed rebels in Syria.  The reset relationship  has deteriorated so badly that the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently said "One could go as far to say that we have slid back to a new Cold War."

Beck: And yet, Hillary Clinton has claimed:

BBC Interviewer: Can we talk a little bit about Russia? You famously pressed the reset button

Hillary: mhm

BBC: Are you embarrassed by that now? That gesture?

Hillary: No, I thought it was a brilliant stroke

Beck: Meanwhile,  a poll released several years ago found that just 2% of Russians had a lot of confidence that American President, Barack Obama, would do the right thing in world affairs.


In fairness to Obama, and not to sound like a Social Justice Warrior - but Russian skepticism of Obama may have stemmed from racism - if you recall Russia's racist Olympic skating costumes

Or, citing data from 2015 Pew Poll, it could be that Russia is becoming more ethnocentric and xenophobic in general vs anti Obama and anti USA in particular

Simmons, Katie, Bruce Stokes, and Jacob Poushter. "2. Russian Public Opinion: Putin Praised, West Panned ..." 2. Russian Public Opinion: Putin Praised, West Panned. Pew Research Center Global Attitudes & Trends, 15 June 2015. Web. 22 Oct. 2016.


Beck: Two percent! Opinion polls taken by the independent Levada Center  last year [ 2015 ] showed 81% of the Russian people now hold negative views of the United States

"Opinions in Russia." Washington Post. N.p., 8 Mar. 2015. Web. 22 Oct. 2016. SOURCE: Levada Center. Published March 8, 2015.

Beck: a number that had nearly doubled in a year - and the highest ever recorded - in any era, since Stalin.   In fact, in 1990, just 7% of Russians held negative opinions of the US. Yet, Hillary maintains:

Hillary: The reset worked!

 Beck:  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton oversaw US policy towards Egypt during the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and the growing unrest throughout the Middle East.  Unrest that hit hard in Libya where Muammar Gaddafi was also overthrown and killed and dragged through the streets of Tripoli.  Libya was completely destabilized and yet Hillary  joked:

Hillary: We came, we saw, he died [ cackle ]

Beck: Then, on September 11, 2012 - the eleventh anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York City - the American consulate which housed US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was attacked in Benghazi.  As dozens or even hundreds attacked the installation, Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, an information officer,  locked themselves in the consulate safe room.  They called over to the CIA annex about a mile away seeking help.

John 'Tig' Tiegen:  I heard over the radio - if you guys don't get here now - we're going to die. We're sitting there waiting and I'm looking at Bob. Saying 'Hey! We need to get over there - we're losing the initiative.' And he looked back and said 'Stand down! You need to wait!' More time is starting to go by -  the State guys are on the radio saying 'Hey! They're lighting the villa on fire!' Which is where the safe room is and where the ambassador was hiding out

"Top CIA Officer in Benghazi Delayed Response to Terrorist Attack, US Security Team Members Claim." Fox News, 6 Sept. 2014. Web. 22 Oct. 2016.

Beck:  Eventually, several members of the security team - all special forces operators - who were housed at the CIA annex - couldn't be held back any longer. They stocked up on weapons and ammo - and against orders - raced to the consulate to try and save the State Department personnel under siege there.  By the time they arrived, the consulate was on fire, and it was already too late for Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens - both dead from smoke inhalation.  After trying to retrieve both bodies, they realized that the CIA annex was - in all likelihood - the next target and headed back to defend it and the American civilians who were stationed there. Repeated calls were made to the US officials for military help in the form of helicopter gunships, fighter jets, rapid response teams, anything! Six men battled hundreds of Islamist terrorists through that night and over the next thirteen hours in Benghazi.  As the best selling book and movie now show, help never came.

Zuckoff, M. (2014). 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi. New York City, NY: Twelve, Hachette Book Group.

Beck: Back at home in Washington DC, the president retired for the evening at 5 PM, and wasn't heard from nor seen  the rest of the night.  Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, never gave the order to send aid to the brave men battling for the lives of American citizens under siege in Benghazi.  She said there were no American assets close enough to help them.  We have since heard very differently from many sources who claim that help could have arrived within an hour.  When it was over, four Americans were dead.  In addition to Smith and Ambassador Stevens at the consulate, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed while defending the CIA annex.  For whatever reason, the administration, including Hillary Clinton,  lied repeatedly about what had transpired there.

Hillary: In Benghazi, that took the lives of those brave men.  We've seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.  It is hard for the American people to make sense of that because it is senseless [and a total lie] And it is totally unacceptable.

Beck: It was also  completely untrue. The internet video she was blaming for the attack had nothing to do with the attack.  Time and distance have proven her words to be, once again, total lies.

It was a terrorist attack.  And everyone in the administration knew it, from the beginning.   Hillary wrote to her daughter, Chelsea, that night, that the consulate was under attack from Al Qaeda like groups.  They knew  the entire time.


I'm not certain if I'd go as far as Rosanne Barr, tho


Beck: Yet Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration continued to lie, including to the families  of the brave victims of Benghazi.

Megyn Kelly:  Three of the families are on record as saying that as their loved ones' bodies sat at Dover AFB, days after the attack, Mrs. Clinton personally  approached them and the blamed the murders on this internet video.  Even though we now know that just two days earlier she had told the Egyptian Prime Minister that the video had nothing to do with it.

Beck: At a Congressional hearing on why four Americans died that night without help being sent, Hillary Clinton exclaimed:

Hillary:  With all due respect [by which she implies no respect is due] the fact is that we have four dead Americans was it because protest? [no] or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans [closer, but it was do to Islamic Supremacist terrorists who deliberately and premeditatively attacked our consulate] What difference, at this point, does it make? [it makes a difference, dearheart, to conduct an after actions report with lessons learned to avoid such charlie foxtrots in the future] It is our job to figure out what happened [that's what the hearing was trying to do - you made their job impossible by lying about everything] and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.

Beck:  Then,  there was the [FOIA and Espionage violating ]  private server Secretary Clinton had set up in her home for her State Department email business.  So would she have sent or received any classified emails at her home? If so, wouldn't the Chinese and the Russians, or for that matter,  little Timmy down the street, be able to easily hack into her private server?

Hillary:  I did not email any uhm classified material to anyone on my email.  There is no classified material.


Guess this quid pro quo attempted bribe of the FBI to downgrade classified material ex post facto didn't work


Hillary: So, I'm certainly well aware of the ah classification [exception she doesn't know what 'c' stands for - supposedly] uh requirements

Hillary:  and uh did not send classified material

Beck:  Some 1,700 classified emails showed up on her server. Twenty-two of them Top Secret. She also wiped out deleted 32,000 other emails that she deemed private.  We'll never know what those were [they were all about yoga, silly billy from The People's Cube 8/21/2015 post"Recovered images from Hillary emails prove it was only yoga"

Beck:  Despite these facts, and Hillary's blatant disregard for the rules and our country's safety, she is once again escaping the consequences of her actions.  In testimony before Congress, FBI Director James Comey, was asked by Representative  Jason Chaffetz if Hillary broke the law by using her private server.  And he responded with a disappointing answer.

Chaffetz:  Did Hillary Clinton break the law?

Comey:  In connection with her use of the email server, my judgment is that she did not.

Chaffetz: Did you not just be able to prosecute it or did Hillary Clinton break the law?

Comey:  Well, don't want to give an overly lawyerly answer, but the question I always look at "Is there evidence that would establish beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody engaged in conduct that violated a criminal statute?" And my judgment here is there is not.

Beck:  Chaffetz [actually Rep Ron DeSantis ] continued to grill Comey as to why Hillary would send and receive classified emails on her private server.  The answer  was revealed to be equally pathetic.

DeSantis:  So the question is  very sophisticated this is information that clearly anybody who had knowledge of security information would know that it would be classified - but I'm having a little bit of trouble to see how would you not then know that that was something that was inappropriate to do?

Comey:  Well, your - I just want to take one of your assumptions about sophistication.  I don't think our investigation established that she was actually particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels and the treatment and so far as we can tell

DeSantis:  Isn't she an original classification authority, though? [laughing]

Comey: Yes, sir

Beck:  How can Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for  President of the United States, not be "sophisticated enough" to understand the importance of the information she was handling? Despite the absurdity of that statement, the FBI recommended that the Justice Department not pursue criminal charges related to Hillary's use of a private server.  A decision that, according to national polls, the majority of Americans disagree with.

Beck:  Somewhat linked to the email scandal, are the questions surrounding Bill and Hillary's Clinton Foundation.  During the testimony, Comey made an interesting, yet vague, remark  about whether or not the two are related.

Chaffetz:  Did you look at the Clinton Foundation?

Comey:  I'm not going to comment on the existence or nonexistence of any other investigation

Chaffetz:  Was the Clinton Foundation tied into this investigation?

Comey:  I'm not going to answer that

Beck:  Only time will tell if the two were intertwined.  As many unanswered questions abound about the Clinton Foundation.

The first question is that there are seemingly unavoidable conflicts of interest.  How do the Clintons' "charitable" work

Beck: intersect with their for profit speeches? How do their speeches intersect with Hillary Clinton's work at the State Department? Were there quid pro quos involving US policy?

Beck:  Nations have donated tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to the Foundation.  Did those countries expect anything in return?

Another question concerns disclosure.  When Clinton became secretary she agreed that the Foundation would make certain disclosures which it's now clear, it didn't always do.

Beck: And the looming questions about Clinton's State Department emails make it harder to answer those questions.  Foreign donations to the Foundation were, in fact, the subject of an Emmy Award winning author investigative journalist Peter Schweizer's  book, Clinton Cash

Schweizer, Peter. Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2015.

Beck: [ Schweizer ] claims:

Schweizer: What's important to note is, it was confirmed by  the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that there are multi million dollar non disclosed donations that were made to the Clinton Foundation  that were never disclosed by the Clintons.  This is a direct breach of an agreement they signed with the White House.

Beck: We're all familiar with the old expression, "Where there's smoke, there's fire"

Beck:  But it seems with Hillary Clinton, there's been enough fire to burn down the state of Alaska to the ground but, apparently, no one can ever quite see the smoke.

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