Sunday, October 23, 2016

I was #CruzCrew during #GOPPrimary and I'll #VoteTrump for #POTUS

I supported Senator Ted Cruz for the GOP Primary because he supports limited Constitutional government and prosperity through free enterprise. I continued to support Cruz even after he suspended his campaign, hoping to keep Trump from winning 1237 delegates so there would be a contested GOP convention

Yes, mea culpa to the grammar police - it should be "your" not "you're" in the above tweet.

A footnote to the above tweets - Major Whittlesey was the American commander of the "The Lost Battalion" in World War I who was surrounded and outnumbered by overwhelming German forces but refused to surrender.

A comment from a nasty youtuber sore loser German who still holds a grudge from a hundred years ago:

which either translates to:

"Shit Ammis can die all"


"Shit amis they can all get lost"

depending on which version of google translate you use.

After Trump won the GOP nomination, I then turned my eyes to the Libertarian Party in hopes that they would nominate Austin Petersen.

Unfortunately, the so-called Libertarian Party chose former Republican Governor Gary Johnson, who is hostile to religious liberty protected by the First Amendment, and former Republican Governor William Weld, who is hostile to individual gun right ownership protected by the Second Amendment.

I then held out (admittedly) minimal hope to the Never Trumpers promise to helicopter in another candidate at the last minute.  However, their choice of Evan McMullin was disappointing. He believes in open borders and amnesty and that the USA can do business with the terrorist Hamas front group,  the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, McMullin admits that his goal is to get open borders, pro amnesty, pro unlimited "Syrian" "refugees", Hillary Clinton, elected:

After running out of options, I settled on the same decision as former Cruz supporter, Mark Levin, that the USA is damage control and needs to elect Trump as the only practical alternative to stop pro Saul Alinsky Hillary Clinton.

Some supporters of defeated candidates seem to have taken Trump's insults even more personally than the candidates, themselves, kind of like the angry German youtuber above.

I suppose a strategic error Trump made was to not establish plausible deniability when trash talking his opponents like George W Bush reportedly did against John McCain in South Carolina in 2000 and Romney reportedly did against Gingrich and Herman Cain in 2012.

Some people cite the so called "Hamilton Rule" where they'd prefer the rapscallion to be of the other party so our party won't be blamed, from 
Black, Eric. "Why Republican Never Trumpers Are Turning to Alexander Hamilton for Guidance." MinnPost. N.p., 5 May 2016. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.

Actually, I question the quote's accuracy since I could not find a primary source document online to corroborate said quote.

However, this strategy won't work because Democrats always blame Republicans, regardless:

For goodness sakes, Hillary blamed Republican ABRAHAM LINCOLN - the guy on the $5 bill - for the fact that she lies:

This is assuming citizens can even find out the truth. The US media is currently the Tass, Pravda, Izvestia trifecta of Trotskyite trumpery and obfuscating flimflammery for the Democrat Party.

All in all, this election is like a real world engineering problem where one needs to maximize positive variables and minimize negative variables versus a hypothetical pure mathematics problem with no constraints.

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