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#TrumpTrain 🚂 #HermanCain T 10/25/16 interview w/ #TheDonald

Herman Cain was hoping to get a scoop in his Tuesday October 25, 2016 interview with Donald Trump and get a list of possible cabinet picks, but to no avail:

Cain: Thank you Mr. Trump for joining the Herman Cain Show.

Trump: Thank you, Herman

Cain: I want to talk about something that you don't hear in the Mainstream Media.  You have been up front about the type of justices propose [nominate] - you've been up front about your first one hundred days.

Trump: Right

Cain: I think that is the kind of content that people ought to hear about - but they're not going to hear about it on the nightly news and they're not going to hear about it from the biased media.  Here's one important aspect that I want us to chat about during this interview and that is the type of people that you're going to appoint as head of the agencies.  One of the qualities that I have continued to say that I know about you, first hand, is that you are a listener and that  you surround yourself with good people and you then listen to them - but the media wants people to think otherwise.   My question starts with - have you given a lot of thought to many of the people that you may put in various positions?

Trump: I have, Herman. I have given it a tremendous amount of thought - and we have some amazing names that want to come in, just like I think the choice of Mike Pence was a  terrific choice.

Cain:  Brilliant

Trump:  I'm good at that. And I had a lot of opposition - a lot of other people that wanted it.  This man has been such a great choice.  He won the debate, big league.

Cain: Yes

Trump: He is a loyal, wonderful person.  He's a great American.  He's just a fantastic guy. So, like, the choice of Mike Pence - I'm going to make other choices, also.

Cain:  And I want my listeners to know, I'm not asking for a job. I'm just trying to point out one of the great qualities of a great leader and that is

Trump: I should be so lucky to get  you - I'd be so lucky

Cain: [laughs] You are too kind, sir. And I know that you have a lot of people that you - I'm not asking for any specific names.  How far along, in your own mind, are you with respect to some of the major positions that you're going to have to fill?

Trump:  Well, I've got some really good ideas for some positions. Really, I think, some terrific people.  I don't want to go too out of the box.  I want to keep it a little bit where it's not total surprise. I have some people that are tremendously talented people that have been underutilized for years in this country.  

Cain: Right

Trump:  You know, at the same time I don't want to go totally mainstream because look what mainstream has done for us. Look at where

Cain:  Exactly

Trump:  Look at the war.   Look at Mosul had that's turning out to be a disaster.  Hey, Mosul - they [ Obama admin] gave them a four month warning.  "We're going in."  Why do they have to open their mouths, Herman, right?

Cain: Yes

Trump:  You know the element of surprise.  Why not go do it and talk about it later?  So, Mosul's turning out to be a much tougher thing than many people thought.  Look at Obamacare today.  Obamacare is a disaster.

Cain: Yes

Trump:  And I've been saying - you know that - I've been saying that for - from the time it came out I said 'this is something that will not work - it can't work - it's not structured to work."  And, now, people's - you know they announced yesterday, in Washington 25% increases - that's nonsense.  That's going to be double and triple that.

Cain: Yes, absolutely

Trump:  So, we're repealing and replacing Obamacare, as an example.   But we're going to do a lot of great things.  We're going to help our vets.  We're going to build up our military.  Do we need it now, or what? We have a depletes military.  We have planes, Herman, that are so old,

Cain: Yes

Trump: that they don't make parts for them

Cain: Right

Trump:  It's crazy, so, we've got a lot of great things to do, including, saving our Second Amendment, which is under siege.  Which is a big thing

Cain: Yes

Trump:  And Supreme Court justices, always right at the top of the list.

Cain: The media has given a lot of attention to the fact that a lot of the people that are in Congress are working against you, but I know that in order to repeal obamacare, you probably have some allies in Congress who are going to work  with you to get that legislation teed up to repeal and replace. Do you have a group of folks that are

Trump: Well, I think every Republican, and you're also going to have a lot of Democrats - cause people can't live with this.

Cain: Yes

Trump: They can't live - the number one complaint I used to get was regulation and taxes. The number one complaint I get now, because as you know, I've been all over the country.  The number one complaint I get is Obamacare.

Cain:  Right

Trump:  After that it's regulation.  Believe it or not, regulations come before taxes.   And then you have taxes.   But number one is Obamacare.  And, if I'm getting that complaint, Democrats are getting that complaint.  And I wouldn't want to be the Democrat that's sitting there, not raising my hand to keep this thing going - because it's not going to work.   I mean, it can't work.  So, that's basically the story.  I mean we have a disaster.  It's going to be repealed, replaced - we're going to have healthcare that's much better for a fraction of the cost.

Cain:  Yes, that was one of the things you mentioned during your first one hundred days - and, you know, you've been saying that - I've been it - and all of the people out there who understand how disastrous it is  - have been saying it.

One other thing that you mentioned during your first one hundred days that I find very simple in concept - but I find very refreshing, and that is your requirement that for every new Federal regulation - two existing regulations must be eliminated.

Trump: Right, absolutely. We are regulated to a point, Herman, where our businesses can't compete

Cain: Right

Trump:  Our businesses can't even perform any more. You don't have new businesses opening, for the most part.  The regulations are so horrible.  The obamacare element makes it - you know, it just ends it - between the two things.    But, we're not forming businesses - we're not expanding businesses - we have no growth in our country - we have no growth

Cain: Right

Trump:  China's up 7% India's up 8% we're up close to zero. So, I mean, we have a country that's really off, and it's, as you know, the worst uptick since, think of this, since the Depression.

Trump:  So, when you think about, since the Depression - we've had nothing. We've kept going along flat - and we're going to start going down. And if Hillary gets in - she's a disaster. By the way, she shouldn't even be allowed to run.  What she did with the emails - and you're funding all these other things where she broke the law

Cain: Yes

Trump:    Including with the protesters - with the violent protesters.  I mean, that was her people.  Honestly, she shouldn't even be allowed to run.

Cain: I would agree. I'm speaking with Mr. Donald J. Trump, future President of the United States on the Herman Cain Show.  One of the other things that you've also touched on a lot that has to do with real energy independence.  And in your first one hundred days you also talked about eliminating a lot of the unnecessary regulations that stopping us from truly becoming energy independent.

Trump:  Well, we're going to do that.  And, I don't know if you know what's going on, but our energy companies are a disaster right now.   Coal

Cain:  Yes

Trump:  The coal business.

Trump: Coal business is, you know, there is such a thing as "clean coal."  Our miners are out of work.  Now they [leftists] are just attacking energy companies like I've never seen them attack anything before.  They want everything to be wind and solar, and you know, unfortunately, it's not working, on large scale.  It's just not working.  Solar is very, very expensive.  Wind is very, very expensive.

AOL.COM EDITORS. "5 Alternative Energy Sources That Are Cheaper Than Solar." N.p., 19 July 2013. Web. 27 Oct. 2016.

Trump:  and it only works when it's windy.

Cain:  Right!

Trump: You know, some of us might need a little electricity - a lot of times it's the opposite, actually.   When you have it, that's when you don't need it.  So, you know, wind is very problematic.  I'm not saying I'm against those things - I'm for everything!

Cain: Right

Trump: But they are destroying our energy companies. They are with regulations. They are absolutely destroying them.

Cain:  But the viability has to be demonstrated before you shove it down the throats of the American people. That's what you're saying.

Trump:  Wind is fine - sometimes you go, I don't know if you've ever been to Palm Springs, California. It looks  like a junk yard there

Cain:  I have

Trump:  They have all these different wind mills - they're made by different companies - each one is made by a different group all from China and from Germany, by the way, not from here.  And you look at all these wind mills, half of them are broken and they're rusting and rotting. You know, you're driving into  Palm Springs, California and it looks like Disneyland - a poor man's version of Disneyland.  It's just the worst thing you've ever seen.  And you know - it kills all the birds!

Trump:  I don't know if you know that

Cain:   I was about to say that the environmentalists never talk about the fact that this whole field of wind mills that they have going are killing off birds and some of them are endangered species

Trump: Thousands of birds are lying on the ground.  The eagle, you know in certain parts of California, they kill so many eagles - you know they put you in jail if you kill an eagle

Cain: Right

Trump:  And yet these wind mills kill them by the hundreds

Trump:  Look, we need energy.  We have to treat our people fairly.  They are putting our energy companies out of business - and they're unable to compete. So between that, Obamacare - but Obamacare is so big right now - and Hillary, as you know, wants to double up.  It's going to become more expensive.

Cain: Yes

Trump: What's she's doing, is worse than what Obama did in the first place.  People have to vote for Donald Trump.

Cain: I would agree.  Here's another one.  Another reason they ought to vote for Donald Trump - and it's one that you put on the table front and center when you were talking about your first one hundred days - and that is a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress. Hip hip hooray!

Trump:  What's happening, Herman, is people, you know, think they own the government, all of a sudden.  So, they think they own it.  Then they become careless - then they become dishonest.  So, term limits is something we are very strong about.

Cain:  That is very good.  And one of my favorite topics, and I wanted to bring this one up last in our discussion, and that is: tax cuts - because tax cuts work - tax cuts work to stimulate businesses - to give businessmen confidence and you have put a proposal on the table in terms of reducing taxes that obviously the media and Hillary, they are saying that it won't work but you and I know and some of you economists who I also know - know that it will work to help boost this economy.

Trump:  Well, we're giving the biggest tax cut  - really, in history.   It's actually bigger than Reagan - but, I say 'since Reagan' - because you can question which is bigger.  But we're giving the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan. We're the highest taxed nation in the world.  We're going to give a tax cut that's going to be incredible for the middle class.  We're going to have three tax brackets instead of seven.  The only company that's not going to like it is H & R Block because it's going to be simplified and it's going to be easy.  You won't be paying thousands of dollars to H & R Block and  companies like that to - you know - help you out with your tax code.  We're giving a tremendous - it's such an important element - the other we're doing is regulations.  We'll be cutting regulations by 75%.  These regulations have become crazy. Our businesses can't compete! So we're going to be opening up our country and it will be a great thing. It'll be a beautiful thing to watch.  They put regulations - and I'm not just talking about energy companies - I'm talking about - yesterday I was with a large group in Florida of farmers - and they're being regulated out of business.  They can't do it.

Cain: Yes

Trump: So, we're very happy. I mean we think the campaign is going really well.  We got some great polls.  The poll that predicted for three years - for three cycles in a row -  three presidential elections - came out yesterday - and they have us up two points, nationally. And I believe that. I believe we're up.  I believe - I actually think we're winning. And if you look at where they're starting to vote - the early voting? We're doing really well.

Cain: Yes.  Well, I want to commend you, sir.  And I often tell the story - you are the only Republican candidate, who, out of courtesy, called me before you declared that you were going to run.  And you have emerged as the nominee - and I think you're going to become president.  And I just want to commend you for taking on this responsibility - because a lot of people don't really realize what it takes to do what you're doing.

Trump:  Well, I have great respect for you, Herman.  And I appreciate everything, and I will be calling you many times over the years.

Cain:  Sounds good. Thanks a lot, Mr. Trump!


Leftists mocked Trump's claim that windmills kill birds

My persnickety response is a variation on Mark Twain's observation on lies, damned lies, and statistics:


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