Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#Benghazigate = Libyan #FastandFurious

Lt. Col Tony Shaffer asserted on Fox and Friends over the weekend that there's no operational or technical reason for the FBI not to investigate in Libya, asserting that Special Ops have Personal Security Detachments designed specifically for such contingencies.  Shaffer repeats his accusation on lefty Russia Today:

What the right calls "appeasement", the left calls "outreach".

Shaffer seems to validate Glenn Beck's hypothesis that the admin is engaged in a cover up of a Libyan analogue of Fast and Furious (although, this program is purportedly aimed at the 1st versus 2nd Amendment):

“You’re being set up, America. Your freedom of speech is being set up and it’s being set up all over the world,” Beck said. “If you say somebody on YouTube can’t make a video that is offensive to somebody else, you stop everything, free speech is dead, the First Amendment is over. That’s what this is really all about.”

Schaffer speculates that the US was possibly arming Al Qaeda and that our ambassador was possibly killed in an outreach program by an AQ double agent. Shaffer reminded people that DNI James Clapper is just a political appointee and isn't a career intel officer.

And it may get worse by the fact that we may have either funded or help -- arms to the very people who killed our ambassador.
Sen Corker (R-TN), more diplomatically, has requested an investigation into Benghazigate, which will be granted, Nov 13, after the election.

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