Monday, October 1, 2012

@BarackObama vs #religiousliberty and #respectlife,

Folks on the Catholic cable channel, EWTN, are praying for "Divine Assistance in the elections"

Pope Benedict XVI and the American Bishops have noted the erosion of religious freedom in the United States, the first value guaranteed by the Constitution [...]
The proximity of the Novena to the 2012 Presidential Election will also offer an opportunity to pray for all of our government officials and seek Divine Assistance in the elections.

In today's (Monday October 1, 2012) mass's sermon (@07:45), Arch Bishop Joseph Naumann reminded people of the Obama's administration unprecedented attack on religious freedom.

This seems out of character from most Catholic sermons I've heard, that often include arcane discussions of translations from Aramaic, and only generally touch on the fact that our culture is going to hell rather than specifically calling out the names of the people dragging us there.

Naumann pointed out the irony that Obama forbids the term "War on Terror" against jihadists, but readily smears its domestic political opponents as waging a "War on Women", as Dennis Miller more snarkily pointed out in  28 Aug 2012 Breitbart article "MILLER SLAMS LENO FOR BUYING INTO DEM 'WAR ON WOMEN' MEME":

Naumann encouraged people to sign up at the website, , to prove that Sandra Fluke is not the official spokescreature for all women.

Naumann then exhorted his congregants to vote pro-life and pointed out that today is the feast of the Annunciation, which isn't just some crazy Catholic tradition, but is based on St. Luke 1:26-38 , for sola scriptura Protestants. Of course, from the experts of all things evangelical, apparently pro-life protestants do not actually believe that life begins at conception:

The debate illustrates a curious fact: pro-life evangelicals say that life begins at conception and abortion is murder. But they don't actually believe it.

Admittedly, Most Rev. Naumann seems to have toned down his rhetoric from his Fortnight for Freedom speech:

Let the cry go forth from Topeka, Kansas to the President, to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, to the Congress, to the Supreme Court, we will not accept, we will not acquiesce, we will not tolerate our liberties to be diminished or robbed from us. We will pray; we will advocate; we will vote; and we will never, never, never give up our religious liberty and conscience rights! Thank you and God bless!

The bishop's sermons seem to validate Phyllis Schlafly's thesis in her book, No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom, that Obama is waging a jihad against traditional American religious liberties

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