Thursday, October 4, 2012

@MittRomney = #RegularShow 's nice guy Pops in #Debates

Poor Mitt seems to be receiving conflicting advice from purported supporters. Glenn Beck exhorts Mitt to float above the fray, and just be a good, decent man, much like Pops in the regular Show's "Rap Battle" episode

Doesn't a hug deserve a hug, too?

Whilst others, like Trump, want Mitt to get aggressive

and Larry Kudlow monomaniacally obsesses over cutting taxes and supply side economics:

The growth message has to be crystal clear for the debate next Wednesday night. Mitt is slipping in the polls. People are confused about his message. He must clarify it.

Lower marginal tax rates. Higher middle-class take-home pay to offset lost income under Obama. More family financial resources. More growth and more jobs.
Laura Ingraham faced off against Bill O'Reilly on the issue:

Huckabee seems to fall into the Glenn Beck/Pops camp of touchy feelly positivity, with his recent guest, the modern Norman Vincent Peale ( "Power of Positive Thinking" guru ), Joyce Meyer, flogging her new book, Change Your Words, Change Your Life:

Thinking happy thoughts will make you happy, and thinking sad thoughts will make you sad.
Of course, after the debate, Beck & Co. engaged in a wee bit of not entirely nice gloating, with a spoof of the song, "Happy Days are Here Again":
Mitt Romney kicked his Marxist ass
He won with smarts and lots of class

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