Saturday, August 11, 2012

#Nobama2012 's war on individualism

Limbaugh goofs on Barry 's #YDBT "gaffe" with parody of heart's inspiration ( Blaze includes lyrics)

Rushbo goes onto to prove that while there are, indeed, self made men, there are no self made progs...they don't build their own speeches, they only plagiarize them.  The "heart's inspiration" for both MA Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama appears to be one George Lakoff, a prog prof of linguistics:

Lakoff was one of the academics who helped frame how the Occupy Wall Street movement presented itself. Lakoff’s writings and theories seek to transform progressive politics and he is a frequent speaker on how progressives can reframe the political debate. Lakoff developed a linguistic narrative that [liberals] needed to counter conservatives by focusing on the role of government in enabling individual success, a narrative in which no person became successful on his or her own
Not to be rude, but Lakoff looks like a Lakoff:

(A rude youtuber commented on Lakoff's zaftig physique: "Someone has been consuming more than their 'fair share'. ")

Rushbo then summarized Lakoff/Obama/Warren Prog Party objectives:
His hope and dream here is to have popular support for simply taking money from people. Eminent domain of capital. Not just taking their property, but eminent domain of their capital, eventually. Why mess around with raising taxes to get this money if it's truly unjust and immoral -- if somebody has that money and it essentially came from theft, which is what these guys are saying? They used all this taxpayer money! they used all the roads the bridges!
They didn't do that on their own.
They stole it!
Limbaugh presumably did not know that in his denouncement of liberalism, he's quoting proto-Marxist philosopher, Prodhoun, who declared that: "property is theft", from the cartoon overview,  Richard Osborne's Philosophy for Beginners:

I presume Limbaugh's unfamiliarity with Marxist's predecessor, Prodhoun, since, in  a fit of channeling his inner NARAL he stated:

You know, before Marx there was no such thing as class-driven economics. If that guy had been aborted, we'd have a whole different world today.

Not just teapartiers, but PUMAs are unhappy with Obama's YDBT meme:

We are now told that individual success is not a reflection of any one person’s ‘grit’ or work ethic; rather, it is the the collective society that has made our success possible – not the individual. In short, without Collectivism, we would be nothing.The operative and subliminal message is “those who have worked hard to improve their own standard of living are being selfish, and need to pay more to the government so we can support those who cannot or will not work.” Dude – seriously??
This is one of the few times that I wholeheartedly agree with the RNC establishment, that the more context you hear, Obama's allegedly "out of context" "you didn't build that" just sounds worse:

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