Monday, August 13, 2012

#NAACP vs @AllenWest

@THEHermanCain  defended Rep Allen West whilst subbing for Neal Boortz this past Friday. However, the HuffingPuffers and the NAACP see noting racist with the add depicting West beating white women in the face, so I suppose if the RNC ran a comparable ad against Obama, they wouldn't complain either:

"Racist is not a term I would utilize to sum up this commercial," Shelton told The Huffington Post. "It looks like a traditional, political, partisan commercial."

Just an historical reminder, the NAACP was founded by socialists, so their ideological opposition to West is perhaps not surprising:

Mary White Ovington (April 11, 1865 in Brooklyn, New York - July 15, 1951) a suffragette, socialist, unitarian, journalist, and co-founder of the NAACP.

Or, more generally, it's socially acceptable for elite leftist to demean all people of color who  don't follow their leftist orthodoxy, just  as they did with Justice Clarence Thomas:

Which brings me to the Clarence Thomas Rule.* It goes something like this: When a black person expresses views that liberal elites have deemed unacceptable for black people to hold, it is permissible for good liberals to respond by implying that said black person is either too stupid or too corrupt to think for himself, and to then call that black person racist names. In fact, not only are both responses permissible and not racist, they are a recommended way of displaying your open-mindedness.

Conversely, conservatives and libertarians have Allen West's back, as evidenced by Glenn Beck, today:

And Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin last week:

All of the left's malarkey comes with the purpose of attempting to derail West's campaign who is facing a RINO opponent in Tuesday's 14 August primary. On Sean Hannity's radio program, West stated that he's running in the 22nd Congressional district in Florida:

However, in the open source, ballotpedia, they list West as the incumbent of the 22nd, but as running in the 18 District. Regardless, if you're a conservative in Florida, be sure to organize all your conservative friends and vote in tomorrow's primary.

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