Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey, Stupid @TheDemocrats Robin Hood = Hero

As Rushbo reminds everyone, big government lover, King John, was the villain in the Robin Hood story:

“Everybody thinks that Robin Hood was out there stealing money from the rich and taking it back and giving it to the citizens of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood was stealing from the government. Robin Hood was a Tea Party activist. Robin Hood was anti-taxes…When I was growing up, the Sheriff was the evil guy.”

Robin Hood was the cool super hero, so referring to Romney as "Romney Hood" only makes Romney seem cooler, stupid Kos Kids:

I love how the Kos Kids depict "delusional wingnuts" as people who believe in Judaism, Christianity, and the USA, as opposed to their fearless leader who believes in hammers, sickles, and the UN.

I must humbly disagree with Mark Levin's denouncing the moniker "hood"

since the always suave Frank Sinatra deprecatingly referred to himself as the Hoboken Hoodlum.  Sinatra, along with Robin Hood, was also totally cool, as well as a Ronald Reagan supporter, as all totally cool people are:

Allegedly, Obama, along with all other US presidents except for van Buren, is related to ne'er do well, King John:

John’s other claim to fame, or infamy, is that he was depicted as the villain in the Robin Hood tales.

which might explain Obama's penchant for Stalinistic revisionist history into making the good guy into the bad guy, and vice versa:

Maybe there is something to this. We’ve long acknowledged that there are “Type A” and “Type B” personalities. Does that run in families or is it completely random? The only loser here appears to be Van Buren. But on the plus side, his family can at least lay claim to not being related to Barack Obama.

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