Monday, July 23, 2012

@MarkeyMemo vs #LOTR Ents

Apparently, anthropomorphic global warming creates anthropomorphic trees.

Rep Edward Markey (D-MA) stated in the Friday 20 July 2012 US House hearing on Wildfire Risk Reduction, Forest Health Improvement Bills, and I paraphrase only slightly, ( it's  approx 2:01:43 in CSPAN video if you wish to double check)

"Global warming is what's causing the Vermont and New England maple trees to move farther and farther North towards Canada". Really? Markey didn't elaborate as to whether this purported Great Maple Tree Migration was permanent, or just an annual phenomena. Presumably, Massachusetts Board of Tourism and the Mass Maple Producers Assoc will lose money from leaf peeper tourists once all their maple trees head for the Great White North. However, one would expect the lost revenue will be superseded by curiosity seekers wishing to witness  Massachusetts maple tree groves schlepping en masse to New Brunswick.

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