Saturday, July 21, 2012

#AbrahamLincolnVampireHunter vs @FoxNews Stuart Varney

Obviously, Abraham Lincoln didn't slay all the vampires of his day because, as OWS would insinuate, "Varney the Vampire"  's capitalist blood-sucking spawn currently works on Fox , spouting his "evil" laissez-faire agenda. Conversely, I would point as evidence all the brain dead commie zombie anti-Lincoln books spewing forth from prog printing presses, as per The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln. The only way there ever would have been a trial against Lincoln, especially after the photographs of mistreated Union soldiers from Andersonville were published, (the previously linked site ignores the impact the Fort Pillow massacre played on Gen Grant's decision to stop prisoner exchanges), would have been if the KKK had won the Civil War, Stephen Carter, you stupid Democrat, copperhead, slavery-apologist. Democrats are lucky Republicans didn't pour boiling oil and vats of acid on all of their stupid predecessors' anti-American treasonous saboteurs:

Custom House workers prepared bombs, employees of the Bank Note Company readied vats of sulfuric acid to pour on the rioters, and a warship lay anchored off of Wall Street ready to unleash its cannons if rioters attacked the city’s financial institutions.

Stupid Democrats lost a war that they started. Get over it, already, and stop with your stupid revisionist, anti-Lincoln malarkey.

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