Tuesday, June 26, 2012

@greggutfeld = @mithcellreports evil twin

Although the unicorn-loving, libertarian RedEye host, Gutfeld, is usually amusing in his own, elfin way, he and his staff were   just as evil as Andrea Mitchell & her minions for mindlessly regurgitating the left-wing media meme that Romney’s a doofus by thoughtlessly re-airing her dishonestly edited video of Romney visiting a WaWa sandwich shop.  Admittedly, Andy Levy eventually pointed out during the half-time report the error of their ways. However, it just seems odd that said error wasn’t corrected during show prep before an entire segment was wasted discussing a fallacious thesis. I can only pray that the magical horse gods send over some retributive justice Pegasuses (Pegasi?) to stomp on his herd of unicorns to teach Greg a lesson to never plagiarize, especially from silly liberals, even if they are as elfin as he.

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