Friday, May 22, 2009

Klein, Krauthammer & Kool Aid

I originally thought that Klein was being an unmitigated jerk for picking on Krauthammer’s physical disability.

However, upon further consideration, I realized that Klein was just being a thoughtful, kind, progressive in pointing out the magical healing powers of the Obamamessiah's Kool Aid.

If Krauthammer would only imbibe this Allahicious elixir, he would instantaneously be cured of all his evil reactionary RethugliKKKan views, which is what truly is keeping him bound to his wheelchair. Krauthammer would arise, see all 57 states clearly, and walk forward to the bright, shiny Glorious World of Next Tuesday TM , where all leftward thinking comrades will be given government issued rainbows, unicorns, tacos, and underpants .


  1. Looks like the grundies Obama's holding have been starched a tad too much. Obama's rigid, dogmatic leftism arises from his rigid Fruit-o'-the-Looms.

  2. Fabric softener is so Bourgeoisie. All properly re-educated people hate those uppity kulaks.