Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is Michelle Obama Omarosa's evil twin brother?

Jay Mohr is not feeling the love of the Obots on youtube.

Mohr hypothesizes from the media’s obsession with MO’s big muscular arms , that she might possibly be a transvestite. No word yet as to whether Andrew Sullivan will become as obsessed with MO’s alleged icky lady parts as he currently is with Sarah Palin’s. So, Jay’s acting like a typical white person would in the days before Michelle first became proud of her country, when America was just plain mean.

Now, in the year 1 AKA (after the Kool Aid) , the stars shine brighter, ocean levels are lowering, the earth is healing, and chauffeured limousines transport Michelle Obama’s pampered person to college campuses, where she can compete with gaffe-tastic Biden in delivering the most peculiar & narcissistic commencement speech :
“Yet [the University of Chicago] never played a meaningful role in my academic development. The institution made no effort to reach out to me — a bright and promising student in their midst — and I had no reason to believe there was a place for me there.”

& a slight paraphrase/extrapolation of Biden’s speech:
I believe so strongly, not in you particularly, but your generation...well, actually, not your entire generation, just the people who voted for me...Well not really everyone who voted for me, just the ACORN paid volunteers who helped dead people vote...Well, actually, I don’t like any of you, I just like the fact that i can has cheez burger now with grey poupon & ice kream kones, two?

I appreciate that this entire post is in violation of the very level-headed advice from the Hillbuzz PUMA people, namely, that the GOP should eschew ad hominem attacks against its opponents. Mea culpa. I’ll try better in the future to restrict my criticism of Dr. Utopia solely to policy disputes, but I'm making no promises...


It appears that fellow PUMAs aren't taking Hillbuzz's advice:


  1. If I listened to Hillbuzz's advice I'd have nothing to say. I'm lousy at pantomime, so I guess I'll ignore them!

  2. It sounds like Krauthammer & the Cornerites are secretly Hillbuzzers, since they offer identical advice. I think it's somewhat of a moot issue because the Dems play identity politics. The Obots have attempted to poison the well by framing the argument that anyone who disagrees with their nominee is against all Latinas.