Thursday, May 21, 2009

Java & Jazz & Kool Aid

Video from the 13 May 2009 Java n' Jazz concert:

Featuring David Simpson playing Route 66:

According to the cracker jack, completely objective, nonpartisan reporters over on ABC news, people who work in tourist traps along Route 66 are poor because only a few miscellaneous random Europeans visit them since the construction of the modern US interstate highway system in the last century. In a follow on story, manufacturers of horse drawn buggies are also having a hard time selling their product outside Amish country.

People living in river boat towns have had a hard time making ends meet ever since the introduction of that new-fangled iron horse. People near railroad stations can’t pay their bills ever since that horseless carriage powered by the scourge of the Goracle, the internal combustion engine , started spewing evil death gas into the atmosphere.

Apparently, these are all data points to confirm the economic collapse of the United States of AmeriKKKa. Since some of this happened in the years B.O. (before Obama was born, whenever & wherever that may be), The One TM is not to be blamed. All things evil are obviously the fault of the neo-con cabal of Bu$hitler, Darth Cheney, & the VRWC.

The only obvious answer is to completely abandon the evils of free market capitalism & adopt the virtuous wonders of Obamunism, whilst drinking down refreshing tall glasses of Kool Aid

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