Sunday, May 10, 2009

Will the MSM hold Obama to the same standard it holds Miss California?

@ 5:00 the tabloid journalist states that the only option for Miss California if she loses her crown is to do porn.

This advice was proffered after digging through her parent's divorce records to discover what they tout as Carrie Prejean -- The Origin of Homophobia . Will the media equally delve into Obama's past to discover the origin of his "homophobia" as well, since Obama harbors the exact same opposition to gay marriage as Prejean? Perhaps Obama was psychologically scarred by his mentor, Ayers, who along with his wife Dohrn, pioneered "smash monogamy" :
"[The Weather Underground] initiated a 'smash monogamy' campaign to destroy bourgeois sexual hang-ups: Once monogamy was smashed, couples who in some cases had been together for years were harangued until they admitted their 'political errors' and split apart. "The next logical step was group sex. One of the last taboos was homosexuality, and the Weather command forced itself toward experimentation in this direction, instructing male and female cadres to 'make it' with members of the same sex."


Good for Trump, in pointing out the Obots' hypocrisy.


  1. Let's check the Magic 8 Ball and find out.


    My sources say no.


  2. It looks like you're breaking some new info about the Ayers-Obama connection. If normal Americans heard this stuff they would be outraged. Unfortunately the MSM news blackout should keep it hushed up.
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    to post 8 items of trivia about myself. I did it and I'm passing the challenge on to you.

  3. I don't understand why the MSM digged up more dirt on Miss California than the did on the President of the United States. Apparently, they think that people's private lives should be private only if you're a Democrat. If you're GOP, they can throw the kitchen sink with garbage disposal attached at you. Grrrr....

  4. Williams was on "Larry King Live" last night, and when Carrie Prejean's name came up, she blasted beauty pageants as a whole -- calling them a "setback" to anyone trying to be a "serious artist."

  5. I suppose Vanessa is still angry that she had to resign her crown.