Thursday, May 28, 2009

"ecumenical cooperation" = church turned into a mosque

Rick Steves, in an episode on Turkey for his PBS travel show cited the following example of alleged ecumenical "cooperation":

And reminders are found everywhere of ecumenical cooperation.

Meli: Notice this gate. It has a Christian cross with a Muslim phrase, "Masallah," in Greek letters. "Masallah" is how we Muslims say "May God's, Allah's, blessings be on you."

This building, originally the church of St. Gregory, built in 385 AD, wasn't just any old church. This was the birthplace of the texts which became Gregorian chants.

Today its single minaret indicates that it's a mosque in a valley where the people call god Allah.

So, it appears that PBS' definition of religious "ecumenical cooperation" pretty much parallels Obama's definition of political "bipartisan cooperation": "I won, you lost. Toe my line, or I'll chop your feet off & feed them to my dog, BO."

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  1. Great point here, I am a fan of Steve's show. Isn't it amazing how one with an active mind can discern certain political realities like this amidst seemingly benign programming? Caveat - PBS is certainly not benign....BTW thanks for following and supporting the LCR!