Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Is the new leftist meme that anyone who dislikes jihadists = crazy person?

I first suspected as much after watching the government approved television program Frontline that highlighted a paranoid schizophrenic patient who just coincidentally had delusions about hunting Osama bin Laden:
In October, Moore was arrested twice in one day for breaking the windows of a home and the window of a trailer. Witnesses said Moore was talking about Osama bin Laden. Moore did not receive medication while in jail and when he was released December 1, he was delusional. He talked of his need to hunt down Osama bin Laden, who was hiding out in a local home.

Presumably, PBS could have found a delusional Democratic moonbat who suffers either from BDS ( Bush Derangement Syndrome) or PDS ( Palin Derangement Syndrome ), but they just "randomly" chose a patient with delusions about bin Laden.

Then on Dr. Sanity's post speculating whether Obama might possibly be a narcissist, I ran across a comment that seems to reinforce the "anti-Jihad"=crazy meme:


You're worried about a jihadist popping up in your Frosted Flakes and it's the "leftists" who are having anxiety attacks.


Are the Obots trying to brainwash the rest of us into accepting Gitmo detainees in CONUS prisons? Are they trying to convince us that we're crazy if we're rather ambivalent about having Al Qaeda terrorists furloughed into our neighborhoods? Locking up jihadists in domestic super max prisons certainly appears to be a red herring, because why would anyone advocate locking up "Innocent" Chinese Detainees in any prison, super max or martha stewart minimum? If detainees are completely "innocent", rather than a super max prison, isn't the left saying that they want the Gitmo detainees housed in OSHA approved FEMA trailers, presumably in red states to help kill off evil reactionary RethugliKKKans?


  1. Hey...this is new! In psychology class, all the vignettes about schizos seemed to include delusions involving elements of Christianity.

  2. First time here, love your style, I'm following........

  3. correction, I'm already a follower, silly me, I love this post though....

  4. Why, thank you. It's edifying to know that people share in my catharsis.

  5. Ooops, I thought that I was already following you, LCR. I've just returned the courtesy. It was further edifying to know that I was in the majority of people who've voted in your poll that sending good taxpayer money after bad is a bad idea.