Friday, May 29, 2009

Everything bad = GWBush's fault

The time is nigh for the new official transfer from analog to digital television broadcast. Presumably, somebody, somewhere will experience difficulties, as Spike Feresten's PSA predicts:

The new Obama FCC head, Copps, on taxpayer supported PBS's Nightly Business Report, got in front of this issue by proactively blaming GWBush for any potential future problems, because blaming Bush is standard operating procedure for all good Obots:
COPPS: No, we have call centers, we have help available for them. It's not just tough luck. The broadcasters are going to be making every effort to address this, engineering wise between now and June 12th. But some of these fixes are going to take more time. But this is the price you pay when you don't have a real coordinated program for years and years. We came in in January and assessed the situation. The Obama administration asked for the delay, got the delay through Congress which was wonderful. But we can't make up all of the lapses of four years in four months.
The only thing somewhat surprising is that Copps only blamed the last 4 years versus last 8 years for all the world's problems. Since Obots haven't come up with another probable GOP scapegoat, their default position is to always blame Bu$hitler, so don't purge your wardrobe of all those anti-Bush t-shirts quite yet, comrades. In summary, fellow proles, if you are happy with your new digital service, thank Obama, since all blessings flow from The One, the father of all successes. Conversely, if you are unhappy, forward all complaints to Bu$hitler c/o Crawford, Texas, since all failures are the bastard children of Bush & Palin, or of O'Reilly & Laura Ingraham, or whomever happens to be on the top of the Journolist's enemies list that morning.


  1. Great. As head of the FCC, this Copp dude is undoubtedly thigh-deep in the Fairness Doctrine debate, too. If he's trying to score political points on something as mundane as the A-D conversion, can't wait to hear what he says about talk radio.

  2. Yep yep yep, as the rest of the linked transcript indicates, he thinks deregulation is a bad thing & advocates more government "oversight" aka censorship .

  3. Copps. The new FCC head is aptly named, true?

    I'm thinking the only reason the Obama administration asked for the delay was so they could let some of 'their people' get in on all the federal monies that have been earmarked to accomplish the conversion.

    Feh. They are SO coming after us with that Fairness Doctrine business.