Monday, April 27, 2009

Specter did not vote for the Fugitive Slave Act

News Busted pointed out that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in order to convince Specter to switch parties (good riddance) & to help sell him to fellow Democrats, gave Specter credit for not voting in favor of a piece of legislation in 1974.

The minor detail is that Specter was not a member of Congress in 1974, since he did not start serving until 1981.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, and to help Scottish RINOs everywhere, I comprised a highlight list of other legislation that Specter also did not vote for:

1) Soviet liquidation of kulaks
2) Alien & Sedition Acts
3) Spanish Inquisition
4) Destruction of the Alexandrian Library
5) Execution of Socrates


Golly, after I wasted all that time powerpointing a Scottish RINO, Specter forces me to make a Benedict Arlen picture:

This may be a benefit in disguise. Toomey would probably have won the Republican primary. However, since Pennsylvania has become rather blue as of late, Toomey might well have lost the general election to a generic Democrat. Assuming Specter wins reelection, at least the next PA senator will be a blue dog Democrat/former squishy RINO, which would be better than an out and out Bolshevik. This is assuming that Specter doesn't develop a vendetta against his former GOP colleagues & seek to become the biggest socialist imaginable just out of pure spite.


  1. The minor detail is that Specter was not a member of Congress in 1974, since he did not start serving until 1981.LOL!

    I hear on this morning's news that Joe Biden is now taking a lot of the credit for Specter's switch. The farce grows. Specter has never really been a Republican anyway.

    In addition, Specter is switching parties so as to ride around on BHO's coattails.

  2. Shame on Specter the Cowardly. Bait and switch.

  3. I believe that Specter originally started as a Democrat & switched to the Republican party for inexplicable reasons & now has just reverted to form.

  4. Yup, Specter did this not out of ideology or that "the Republican party has moved too far right" but because the polls showed him losing the primary. With Arlen, it's all about him.