Friday, April 24, 2009

Apocalypse Meow

Below is the English captioned version of the Japanese trailer for, Cat Shit One, to be released in the US as Apocalypse Meow:

A poster on the non-captioned version volunteers the menagerie of characters & possible rationalizations for such casting:

Animals represent nationality in this:

Rabbits for Americans. (U.S. Soldiers called USA G.I. Usagi means rabbit in Japanese! Just a word play...)
Cats for Vietnamese.
Pigs for French. (Pigs are truffle finders. Truffle is used in French cuisine. So the French get pigs.)
Bears for Russians.
Mice for British. (British get rats after a famous 7th Armoured Division called the Desert Rats.)
Fox for Germans. (Germans get fox after famous German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel called the Desert Fox.)
Kangaroo & Koalas for Australians.
Camels & goats for Arabians.
Goats & sheep for Afghans.
Monkeys & gorillas for Japanese.
Pandas for Chinese.
Dogs for Koreans.


I thought that the "USA G.I." = "usagi" = "rabbit" was completely brilliant when I originally posted this, but, admittedly, I was rather sleep deprived. I suppose only the Japanese could get away with assigning monkeys to represent the Japanese. If this was an American cartoon, that would be considered RACISSSTTT!!!!

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