Friday, April 24, 2009


German anti-American propaganda from der Spiegel:

The financial crisis in the US has triggered a social crisis of historic dimensions. Soup kitchens are suddenly in great demand and tent cities are popping up in the shadow of glistening office towers. Even drug dealers are feeling the pinch.

The Deutsch Dummkopfs uncritically act as sounding boards for ACORN performance artist nuts' propaganda stunts & conflate them with TEA Parties.

That being said, if TEA partiers would like to beat hippy America-haters at their own game & co-opt their shtick by creating Obamavilles, uppity woman has kindly collated a list of Hobo symbols to lend your protest placards a sign of authenticity (needless to say, none of this information is to be used in the harming of any actual hobos).


  1. While it is propagandist and annoying, I can use my imagination just a bit and read it as a vote of no confidence in Obama.

    Works for me...

  2. I suspect that they are tacitly attacking the "Anglo-Saxon" model of capitalism. I suspect that they are criticizing Obama for not introducing socialism to the US fast enough.