Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why do people support socialism when they know it's unfair?

People realize that Obama's Spread the Wealth Around" mortgage plan is unfair, but support it anyway. Why?

By a 63 - 30 percent margin Ohioans say the president's mortgage rescue plan is unfair to those who make their payments on time, but 55 percent say they approve of the plan anyway. Given a chance to explain their views, 25 percent say the plan is fair and they support it; 42 percent think it is unfair but support it as necessary and 31 percent think it is unfair and oppose it.

Are citizens being brainwashed by PBS into beatifying modern day Micawbers?

One of the characters in the above Newshour story, Debora Beard, refinanced her house to buy a new car & then stopped making payments. She is complaining that the bank has foreclosed her house & she has joined with ACORN thieves to steal the bank's property. When you mortgage your house, you've basically sold it to a bank. The bankers are being nice by allowing you to remain in the house till you've paid off your debt. This is somewhat symbiotic since, as pointed out in the piece, bankers don't want crack heads to move into abandoned buildings.

The online Newshour video seems to have censored part of the original broadcast story about another equally dubious individual who alleged that the bank falsified her wages & gave her a loan that she couldn't afford to repay. She told the reporter that she hadn't noticed that the wage information on the form that she had signed was incorrect. There was no evidence presented that the bank, and not the customer, was the source of false information. Even if the bank did falsify the woman's wages, one should always read a contract before signing.

At no time did the taxpayer supported PBS people ever deliver the common sense lessons learned from these self inflicted problems:

(1) Plan for worst case scenarios: People lose their jobs, interest rates on loans go up. Plan for these contingencies, you muffin heads.

(2) Read a contract before signing: In case either party makes an advertent or inadvertent error, read before signing, you silly, silly muffin heads.

Why should the sober, rational people who make monthly budgets & live by them be punished in order to reward greedy, irresponsible flighty grasshopper people who attempt to buy houses the size of the Vatican that they can't afford & then remortgage to buy cars that they also can't afford? The anti-social selfish people are the ones who don't live within their means & then demand extortion money from those that do.

Admittedly, Republicans have the unsexy, boring, pedantic, Puritanical platform of personal responsibility and fiscal prudence. Conversely, Democrats have adopted the irresponsibly childish platform of giving cotton candy to their supporters and absolving them of all culpability whilst fanning the flames of class and race warfare.


  1. >>>25 percent say the plan is fair and they support it;
    Up is down, war is peace, ignorance is strength, Gov't sponsored stealing from responsible people is fair.

    >>>42 percent think it is unfair but support it as necessary
    These are the ones who get their news from an alphabet network like CBS or MSNBC and believe everything the talking heads spew at them. "It's not fair, but Obama said we have to do it because of Bush or something, so I guess it is alright."

    >>>and 31 percent think it is unfair and oppose it.
    The welfare weenies are in for a rude surprise when they figure out that those who do legitimate, productive work are too few to pull the wagon they want a free ride on.

  2. Too few understand the tragedy of the commons.