Saturday, March 28, 2009

Protest Obama at Notre Dame

Another online petition , this time sponsored by The Cardinal Newman Society, in order to protest Notre Dame's invitation to Obama, not only to speak, but to receive an honorary law degree. The latter action by Notre Dame conveys not just open mindedness, which is fine, but condones & endorses Obama's radical pro-abortion & pro-infanticide positions. ND's repudiation of standard Catholic doctrine has prompted protests from bishops:

Bishops who are protesting include the Right Rev Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, who described the invitation to the President as a "public act of disobedience" and "a grave mistake".


A warning from the Corner to anyone considering voicing their opposition to Notre Dame granting Obama an honorary law degree. To continue the spirit of promoting free speech that Notre Dame's hosting of Obama illustrates, anyone protesting Obama's visit will have their name placed on an enemies' list & have their offspring barred from school admission:

Note the request for collecting names / addresses / emails. Could merely be to reconnoiter for po'ed big-donor alumni. Or could it be to separate the wheat and the chaff? The Spiting Irish! — five years from now you might wonder why your valedictorian National Honor Society kid didn’t get accepted.

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