Monday, March 9, 2009

Tea Party Tax Protest ideas

I'm skeptical of the idea of mailing tea bags to government officials, since said items will probably be screened out by mail handlers and will probably be reported in the MSM as domestic acts of terrorism.

However, one can still stock up on visual aids for tea parties.

If you want to be nice & patriotic, the only tea grown in America is American Classic Tea.

If you want to be nasty & patriotic, you can buy garden compost tea, but Obots might accuse you of copying Tim McVeigh.


Just I suspected, the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring people who mail tea bags to DC.


  1. I share your concern. I'm planning on sending other tea party related items:

  2. Here's a clickable link:

    Cafepress is a fine bipartisan business. Zazzle ends to be more conservative & has more tea party gifts