Monday, March 9, 2009

Stop Spending Our Future Video Contest. Win $500.

From my email box:

Speak Up. Make a Difference. Win $500.

The Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity Foundation are please to present the "Stop Spending Our Future" Video Contest.

While Washington spends record amounts on wasteful projects, such as golf carts and bridges to nowhere, we want to make sure the voices of average Americans are heard.

Want to stimulate your own economy? Tell the world what you think by submitting a video testimonial. Use humor or emotion to dramatize your point, and help frame this debate in personal terms. The top 5 submissions will each receive a prize in the amount of $500.

Testimonials must focus on the specific question: What's your biggest frustration about the government's appetite for more spending in the midst of the tough economic climate?

For more information, or to enter, please visit:

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