Monday, March 9, 2009

"Tea parties are racist"

From BbBennett on twitter:

Ideaology is the new racism. MSM uses "idealogue" as a negative. Idealogues don't 'care' think or count.

I would somewhat disagree. Obama supporters seem to have a penchant for calling their opponents racists, so racism is the new racism.

They view tea parties as scary:

they are certainly ready, willing and able to employ massive civil unrest, aimed solely at making sure Obama fails for the purely selfish justification of keeping their ideology somehow relevant. That is the very definition of their brand of patriotism. It’s vile. And, I’ll say again, frightening.

and racist:

They will be happy to stir up even more hatred and lunacy than they did in the 1990s leading to Tim McVeigh blowing up the Oklahoma federal building, and it’ll be even more easy to stir it up since Obama’s black and their movement is largely built on the rejection of the Civil Rights laws.

How is exercising 1st Amendment free speech rights "civil unrest" & "vile"? As for racist, the Republican party was established as the abolitionist party to counter the pro-slavery Democrats.

The only KKKer that served in the federal government during GWBush’s administration was Sen Byrd, DEMOCRAT from W. Virginia. Sen. Byrd, DEMOCRAT, also frequently uses the n-word in conversation.


  1. It used to be said that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel (a quote from Samuel Johnson, I'm pretty sure).
    I'm beginning to work on how to word the replacement. Something like: accusations of racism and lack of patriotism are the last refuges of scoundrels who lack a reasoned reply. Needs LOTS of work before it comes tripping off the tongue.

  2. For the last part, at least: "Questioning political opponents' patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."