Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rep Mike Turner (OH 3) supports mortgage bill

Rep Turner (OH 3) obviously didn't receive Kasich's & Rep Boehner's (OH 8) memo that the GOP should oppose mortgage bailouts:

Of the bill’s passage, House Republican leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said, “Owning a home is the heart and soul of the American Dream, and Republicans believe that we need to help families who acted responsibly stay in their homes. But this legislation doesn’t do that. What it really does is punish those who played by the rules to subsidize those who didn’t. Democrats even defeated a Republican proposal that would have protected taxpayers from bailing out those who lied on their mortgage applications. Taxpayers are fed up with what they are seeing in Washington.”

since Turner supports said bailouts:

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner was one of only seven Republicans Thursday, March 5, to back a controversial bill that would allow judges to reduce mortgage debt for borrowers who file for bankruptcy.

However, Turner supported an amendment that would have required an investigation into this mess, which was voted down:

Also Thursday, Turner pushed a measure that would create a 10-member commission, similar to the 9/11 commission, devoted to rooting out the causes of the mortgage crisis.

The measure made it into the Republican version of the bill, but that version did not pass the House. Still, Turner said he intends to keep pushing the idea.

"As long as there are thousands of abandoned houses in Ohio, this issue is one the country is not going to forget," he said.

Even if Turner's investigation proposal had been successful, a commission established by the Democrats would hardly have been non-partisan and impartial, just more kabuki theater & flogging the same socio-economic class enemies.


  1. How much longer can people like these, people who have done everything they can to be responsible mortgage payers and who have done all they can to mitigate their own situation, hold out?

    I detect sadness and frustration at this point. Anger later when they realize that they will be further financing the irresponsible at the peril of the responsible?

    BHO and this Congress are digging the economic problem in even deeper.

  2. Yale economist believe Obama's plan will just waste money and won't solve the problem.