Monday, March 2, 2009

For Steele, is the medium the message?

Our department is interviewing for a professor slot. Two of the candidates possess diametrically opposed teaching theories. One advocates that content competency versus pedagogy makes a better instructor. The other advocates the exact opposite: it's not what you teach, but how you teach it. Not to be wishy washy, but I would advocate that it takes competency in both to be a successful instructor.

Similarly, Steele promoted himself as a suave spokesperson for the RNC who was hip to modern media and communication venues. He might be handy with the cell phone, but what message is he communicating? It doesn't appear to be a conservative one. When the Democrats were out of power, they didn't act congenial and obsequious when being interviewed. They frequently didn't even have rational counter proposals. They went on the attack and didn't let up.

I appreciate that some PUMAs find Limbaugh off-putting, especially since he employs the term "femi-nazis" rather liberally. There is surely a subtle way to triangulate the two positions, an example at Socrates' Academy or yet another, besides nodding in agreement when a Democrat calls your party German Nazis redux.

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