Monday, March 2, 2009

Aren't elected officials supposed to represent their constituency?

Senator Kyle was a guest on Fox News yesterday. He basically said that Obama's stimulus is a done deal and if you don't like it, then you should protest:

Well that's your question this is where the American people need to understand what's in this budget and and hopefully act before its too late. Because of the control it would be observed over health care and energy and education and our financial institutions. All of these things are are critical for the American people to bring pressure to bear on the congress. And if they're able to do that then I think there is a chance for us to be able to stop at least the most egregious parts. Of this budget but will take the involvement of the American people to understand that and then to let their representatives know what they think you're saying a 41 Republicans can't stop what. -- I hope that we can but that means that all of us will have to be together on this and there are only 41 of us so we have to be. Absolutely united on this and we will be if the American people conveyed all of this their desire that we get a handle on this budget. And that they cared about the future of our country enough that we should stop the most in.

I appreciate encouraging people to be interested in government, but in a representative democracy, we've delegated the minutiae of legislating to the politicians. Isn't that why we pay them a salary? Aren't they supposed to read legislation and deliberate wisely? Most voters have full time jobs and don't have time to continuously monitor their elected officials' every vote.

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