Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elephants vs Donkeys in Buckeyistan

In a tit for tat move, Democrats are trying to kick State Rep Jon Husted out of office over alleged residency issues:

A residency dispute involving a state official from Montgomery County is very similar to the mini-controversy that engulfed Ted Strickland here when he ran for governor in 2006.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections last week voted 2-2 along party lines on the question of whether state Sen. Jon Husted resides in Kettering, with the two Democratic board members saying he failed to provide documentation to support his claim, and the two Republicans saying they were satisfied the Republican lawmaker resides at the address. The matter now goes to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, who must break the tie vote [....]

I hoped they will look very carefully at the Columbiana County-Ted Strickland situation and the precedent it set," which ended with everyone involved taking Strickland at his word, Johnson said. "They should give the same benefit of the doubt to Jon Husted."

I'm certain the Democratic SoS won't be partisan at all in her decision/sarc.

Apparently, only Democrats who engage in pizza orgies are allowed to own residences in the state capitol.

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