Saturday, June 2, 2018

#TheLawrenceWelkShow Every Inch A Sailor

Jack Imel:  We're getting back to the Armed Forces theme and there's a pretty funny number about the Navy starring yours truly coming up next. The Navy played a big part in my musical life: it put me through the Navy School of Music in Washington, D.C. But upon graduation, they immediately assigned me to a band in San Diego.  So, I called my wife and said, "Norma, will you please pack my sea bag right away? We've got to be in San Diego in five days.

Imel: I said good-bye to the music school, picked up my wife, we threw our things in the car, and headed for San Diego. When we got there, the first day I'm supposed to report to the band, I reach in my sea bag....and I got two right shoes....and no hat.   When I walked, both my feet pointed in the same direction.  Well, I bought a hat for $5 about two sizes too small, and when I reported to the band I looked like some kind of small town doofus. After wearing two right shoes for two weeks, the band master looked at me and he said, "Jack, this is hurting my feet more than it's yours. Here's $15 go buy yourself a pair of shoes."  He was a nice guy. As far as the guys in the band were concerned, it took them weeks before they could talk to me without laughing.  Aw, yes. I was every inch the sailor!

And a black and white video showing Jack Imel tap dancing whilst simultaneously playing the xylophone:

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