Thursday, May 31, 2018

EU's New Internet Privacy Laws

I'm cynical and jaded but suspect these new European laws are almost exclusively aimed at American companies and I suspect non USA companies will be let off the hook. "If you can't beat them in the free market, regulate them to death".

From a German television dwelle 5/25/2018 report

Snotty EU chick: If their core business, if they do not sell the data, if they do not make money on the privacy of people, the should to cause some minimum kind of measures. If the company's monetized the data of people they should give something back to the people. It's the better protection. So proportionally  obligation under GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] is necessary and also I would add common sense because I heard a lot of incredible stories  about how GDPR would be applied and it's not necessary to go panicking [ because this European regulation was passed to attack Americans exclusively and regulate our companies out of business and will never be used to put a European company out of business]

Snotty German interviewer: Are you hoping this could become a global standard [duh! of course! that's the whole point of this European law was to engage in warfare by other means against the USA economy]

Snotty EU chick [whose name apparently is V─Ťra Jourov├í who is Czech so is also upset USSR lost the Cold War] : Yes, [again duh] I do hope that Europe will serve as a good example [are you going to impose European laws against the Communist Chinese or the Russians, honey child, or just focus your economic jihad exclusively against USA tech companies? #RhetoricalQuestion] of how we can and should protect the privacy  of people. This to respect of every individual  and it will be very important that Europe is also shown to the rest of the world that they can use their new privacy , their rights of better protection of privacy.

Snotty German interviewer: Thank you very much indeed.

From Brandom, Russell. “Facebook and Google Hit with $8.8 Billion in Lawsuits on Day One of GDPR.” The Verge, The Verge, 25 May 2018,

On the first day of GDPR enforcement, Facebook and Google have been hit with a raft of lawsuits accusing the companies of coercing users into sharing personal data. The lawsuits, which seek to fine Facebook 3.9 billion and Google 3.7 billion euro (roughly $8.8 billion in dollars), were filed by Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, a longtime critic of the companies’ data collection practices.

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