Saturday, February 17, 2018

#Grantchester smoking cigarettes in hospital 🚬🏥

From Grantchester Series 1 : Episode 6

In case tweet breaks:

Love how patients & visitors both smoke cigarettes in the hospital 🚬🏥 on #Grantchester #MysteryPBS

Sidney Chambers: So we found him, but he killed himself.

Geordie Keating: Coward's way out.  

Sidney: It was the war.  He couldn't forget.  

Geordie: That's no excuse.  

Sidney:  Isn't it? 

Geordie: We all have that cross to bear.  

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A less suboptimal triage solution is to administer morphine 💉 to wounded troops and radio in for a medic 👨‍⚕️vs just shooting them #DeathPanels #Grantchester #MysteryPBS

Sidney: I killed one of my own men.  I said, "all clear." 

[cuts from hospital room to a flashback to WWII battlefield]

Sidney: We're clear!

[ cuts back to hospital]

Sidney: I told them it was all clear....but we missed the German.  I told them to stay down....but he was already on his feet, and the bullets they just....I put my hand on his stomach....but there was....  

[cuts back to a flashback to WWII battlefield]

Injured soldier: I want to go home 

Sidney: I know you do, Sandy [pulls out pistol and shoots injured soldier dead]

[ cuts back to hospital]

Sidney: I had no choice.  He'd written a letter to his sweetheart, but I never sent it because it was covered in his blood...and I thought that no one should see that.  

Geordie: You did what you had to do, Sidney. It's all any of us did.

I'm not the only person who thought Sidney over reacted to an injured soldier in his command. From Howse, Christopher. “Grantchester, episode 6, review: 'undemanding'.The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 10 Nov. 2014,

"Later we found out that Sid was woozy on the Ten Commandments. Simply because a man in his wartime platoon had been dying painfully of a wound, he had shot him dead. I see that the Rt Rev Mark Santer, the nice old former Bishop of Birmingham, was “Church Adviser” to the series, but I expect they only asked him about cassocks and hassocks, which seemed flawless. James Runcie needed no adviser to create Sidney Chambers, who had much in common with his father, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Scots Guards, tanks, MC, Belsen). But I don’t think he murdered any of his men, even out of kindness."

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