Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Hypothesis: Some Democrats are Cultural vs Sincere Satanists

My hypothesis is that modern leftists are cultural Satanists vs sincere scriptural [Satan Bible or whatever book devil worshippers read] believing Satanists.

Sophisticated people mock the very idea that people really worship and/or believe in the devil:

Of course, as Baudelaire wrote, "The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist"

My suspicion, this affair with so called "performance artist" Marina Abramovic

is an example of quid pro quo cronyism. Clinton's shake down corporations for donations that they funnel to "artist"

who turns around and donates money back to Clinton political campaign:

A lemma to my theory is that modern leftists primarily worship themselves versus any higher, or lower, power. From Limbaugh's April 27, 2005 post "Why Liberals Fear Religious People"

So,  just as there are cultural Christians who might attend a performance of Bach's Passion with as much disinterest as they would either a secular concert or a National Geographic documentary on Borneo head hunters

and not feel that they were participating in a sacred ritual. Such cultural Christians do not truly believe in the Bible in general, or in Jesus, in particular.  Similarly, modern leftists might consume occult, pagan, Satanic rituals in the same blasé way.

Further, as wikileaks has proven, the modern left tolerates Catholics but mocks them behind their backs, while openly shunning Evangelicals and insulting them to their face.

In order to be invited to the cool kid parties, one must adopt at least a patina of Satanism, which explains the bevy of entertainment elite hobnobbing with either the pseudo or serious satanist du jour, Miss Marina:

Lady Gaga

Jay Z


all hang out with the queen of "spirit cooking", Marina Abramovic - and Katy Perry, "the Baphomet bimbo" performs satanic rituals for the Grammys:

Oddly enough, selling her soul to Satan didn't help Katy Perry win any actual awards:

So one can perceive that Podesta has peculiar taste in graphic and performance art:

or that maybe this is a joke to him:

but some people still take neo paganism and or satanism seriously

As the so-called "performance artist" asserts, one person's "art" is another's religious ritual:

Even if leftists are just cultural versus sincere Satanists, it might explain their war on Christianity in general:

and hatred of Catholics in particular

People either believe in God or the don't, so the most serious charge that might persuade secular humanists not to vote for Hillary is the alleged child sex trafficking allegations. No one has been found guilty, let alone charged, with pedophilia, but there's creepy circumstantial evidence surrounding the Clinton inner circle. The Podestas seem to have a penchant for images of naked children that even creep out the Democrat media:

I'm still not convinced that Hillary Clinton minion John Podesta is running a pedophile ring, others, such as Pamela Geller hypothesize pedos use coded language:

However, leftists seem obsessed with nattering on about alleged dog whistle - secret code words, so maybe they've been engaging in psychological projection all these years:

The fact that Podesta maintained correspondence with Denny Hastert, of all people on planet earth, does rings alarm bells

Even fellow Republicans find Hastert morally dubious, to the point where Speaker Ryan removed Hastert's portrait from the walls:

The NYPD are, allegedly, still investigating the Anthony Weiner alleged underage sex case:

This might explain the Democrat hatred of the 10th Amendment (or Bill of Rights, generally) and their War on Cops, the purpose of which is to nationalize all local police forces and have them answer to DOJ:

Once democrats nationalize all cops, then they just have to corrupt the DOJ with their cronies as the Clintons have reportedly done:

Once Democrat cronies control all law enforcement up and down the chain of command, then they are in the clover, or in the pasta with walnut sauce.

So, in conclusion, Hillary and her minions may, or may not, be sincere Satanists and may, or may not, be running a child sex pedophile ring. I wouldn't be surprised either way and I have no confidence that the politically compromised DOJ or FBI will get to the bottom of all her alleged wrongdoing any time soon, if ever.

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