Monday, August 22, 2016

Why Obama doesn't care about #LAFloods

From Monday August 22, 2016 Limbaugh show:

Announcer:  Now President Obama explains his uh belated visit to the Louisiana flood victims.

Fake Obama: [drinking a mojito ðŸ¹ðŸ¹ðŸ¹] I'll have another mojito, please.  Oh, ah, my fellow Americans ... since you that I have ended my historic ten round golf extravaganza ⛳️🏌I will visit the flood ravaged areas of Louisiana tomorrow.  But I don't know why you're so concerned in the first place. My library and selfie shrine will be built in Chicago which I learned is in no danger of flooding, since the flood waters will flow to the Gulf of Mexico. In the whole scheme of things, this was no big deal. I got less than six months to go, and no reelection, so why couldn't I just kick back in Martha's Vineyard and let the media spin any disaster as Trump's fault until Hillary gets in? But no...I gotta go hand out blankets, look at FEMA trailers, and smile in a state Hillary won't win anyhow.  Thanks for nothing, America.

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