Sunday, February 21, 2016

David Barton vs #GlobalWarmingAlarmism

Clip from TBN "Foundations of Freedom" with David Barton, "The Bible and Science" program

Rick Green: I thought this debate [on global warming] was over?

David Barton: Oh yeah, that's right, we're told the debate's over. This is an area I've been actually called to testify at the U.S. Senate on global warming issues.  And so let's just deal with global warming for a bit. I've got some charts and we'll just use here.  Here's a global warming chart that goes back to 1880. And so this is what concerns everyone right here, is there is a rise in temperature.

Rick Green: It's a good looking chart. It looks like it's going up fast and not slowing down.

David Barton: It's a scary looking chart, man.  And so what do we do? Well, what [global warming alarmists] believe science tells us is that the  problem we have here is that this is commensurate with an increase in carbon dioxide.  As carbon dioxide goes up, then the temperatures have gone up. That's why we've got to get fossil fuels under control, that's why we've got to do all the solar stuff, all the wind stuff because it's the fossil fuels that are gonna fry us on this earth. Alright now, here's the next chart and here's what we saw with the temperatures, right? Here is carbon dioxide emissions going up  right here. You see them rising here.

Rick Green: In the green

David Barton: And so the green is going up and generally the temperatures, but see there's a problem here for a science guy.  A science guy will look at it and say, well no, wait a minute, [the temperature numbers] were falling here and they were falling here, why didn't carbon dioxide go down there?  If we're saying that carbon dioxide is what's creating the temperatures

Rick Green:  If [carbon dioxide levels] the cause for the effect [of rising temperatures], then why did the effect change and the cause didn't?

David Barton: That's right.  

Rick Green: Yeah

David Barton: Well that's where guys like Dr. Willie Soon at Harvard and guys from MIT have said, well, what if it's not carbon dioxide? What if it's something else? What if it's something like solar flares, because when there's a solar flare on the sun you've now moved the sun about a million miles closer to earth and that's a whole lot of burning temperature that's suddenly a lot closer.  So when those solar flares go out, they go, you know, forever.  And they go really much closer to earth proportionally, and so Willie Soon and others said, well why don't we chart the solar flares and see what that does with temperatures? Well here is that chart.  Now you see, the blue is the temperatures on earth, but the red is the occurrence of solar flares. It looks to me like the temperatures on earth are pretty much matching what's happening on the sun.  

Rick Green: The cause and effect are staying together, yeah.

David Barton:  I don't think...

Rick Green:  But that doesn't meet the [leftist] agenda so. We're not hearing much about that.  It might be the scientific and the truth but..

David Barton:  And you know there's not just a whole lot that the Congress is going to be able to do to pass a law to control the sun.  

Rick Green: Right.

David Barton:   They can pass a law control our lives, to control what we drive, but they can't control the sun.  

David Barton: And then the other thing that's kind of interesting is let's go back to charts lie, oh I don't know,  let's take this chart.  We're looking at this chart.  You see here the dates across here are from 1880 and we're up, it shows 2000 but the chart doesn't reach 2000.

Rick Green:  Yeah, there's a gap between

David Barton:  But now we're a long way past 2000.  You know, we're a long way past but how come they stopped the chart back here in 1997?  Because we've got lots more years we could be.  But the chart stops in '97.  Well that's where this next chart is of interest.

David Barton:  This is what's happened to temperatures since 1997.  They were going up, now they've flattened off.  Now this line through here, this is increase in carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide's still going up, but the temperatures aren't.  But we can't talk about the earth cooling off.  We've got global warming.

Rick Green:  Well of course we can't because this is what we've been teaching in schools for thirty years.

David Barton:  That's right.

Rick Green:  I mean this is the mantra is that increase in carbon dioxide is the cause and yet you're showing me the cause still going up exactly the same and the temperatures going down.

David Barton:  And since 1997 the temperature...

Rick Green:  It takes away the agenda.

David Barton:  And if you're after truth, is it Christians that are anti-science?

Rick Green: Yeah...

David Barton:  They're pro-truth.  They'll go where truth leads.  

Scientist, Willie Soon, cited in above program is, of course, being smeared by leftist ideologues:

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