Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wonder what Santa gave Margaret Thatcher for Christmas

In my continuing saga to fight my hoarding instincts, I emptied out some more cardboard boxes this year and ran across an old audio tape from my high school days recording 92 Rock Harrisburg, Pennsylvania [which I think has changed its format since I was in high school - it was more Top 40 vs hard rock] Christmas Eve broadcast that tracked Santa's whereabouts. The DJ informed his listeners that old Saint Nick visited Margaret Thatcher:

"92 rock Well, we didn't really lose Santa Claus there, actually, uh, somebody unplugged my computer, uh, we’ll get that person though.   Santa Claus was last reported flying over Wales. He was in Scotland a few minutes ago, a matter of fact, he stopped & talked to all the guys in Big Country & was in London about 10 minutes ago, as a matter of fact, he stopped in to say ‘hello’ to Margaret Thatcher. Can you believe that? What a nice guy Santa Claus is. Now his next destination is supposedly somewhere in France. See he kind of went over the Northern part of Europe and he has got to go back down just to hit France and into Spain and into Italy & so on & start his trek to North America.  We’ll tell you little bit more about that in the next report in about a half hour."

The flags with Christmas multilingual greeting didn't come out clearly in the above video:

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