Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Joy to the World

My boss, the drummer, forced me to put an impromptu jazz band together for our squadron Christmas party back in the day:

The One Hit Wonders: The Hypergolic HipCats
Where are they now? The Hypergolic Hip Cats performing their hit "Joy to the World" in 1994. 

When in doubt, just add 8-12 measures of a drum solo to your arrangement and voila!

In case you couldn't tell, this arrangement was loosely inspired by Boots Randolph's from his "Christmas at Boot's Place" album:

Admittedly, the only similarity between the two versions is that they are both swing jazz adaptations of the same song.

After the musical interlude, everyone in attendance was provided standard issue Christmas ordinance devices:

In case  you don't know what a Christmas cracker is, here are the Teletubbies to explain:

If you are still confused, the staff of "Are You Being Served" illustrate, with a few double entendres, @20:25 how you're supposed to celebrate a proper, or in their case, a somewhat rude and improper, British Christmas:

And if this motivates to make your own Christmas crackers, Tesco uploaded a helpful how to video:

So, in the spirit of Ye Olde English Christmas .... Feliz Navidad!

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