Saturday, June 14, 2014

#GetSmart Agent 99 on #TwelveOClockHigh

Random trivia discovered from random late nite tv viewing:

Barbara Feldon who played Agent 99 on Get Smart

made a cameo on "Twelve O'Clock High" tv show as Army nursLt. Claire Cummings in "End of the Line":

"Get Smart" reminds me of a guest speaker who was a US Embassy worker taken hostage by the Iranians. He alleged the jihadis ripped his shoes apart allegedly looking for secret telephone transmitters. I vaguely recall he was a commissioned officer, since he was addressing our AFROTC squadron. I don't remember his name, rank, or even branch of service. I thought he said he was writing his memoirs, but when I googled the names of military personnel listed  on the wikipedia article, I couldn't find any hits on google books. However, I think it was Tom Schaefer after looking at photo and bio pics in 1980 article "HOSTAGES RECOUNT THEIR CAPTIVITY"

After googling for "Tom Schaefer" vs "Thomas Schaefer" came across this video which seems similar to the speech I attended. @11:42 Schaefer says he goofed w/Iranian jihadis by pretending to have secret phone in his watch, which is similar to the story I remember.

It must be Schaefer because I remember this specific anecdote from April 06, 1990 "The Morning Call" article "Former Iran Hostage Says By Faith He Lived Through The 444 Days":

"Schaefer also spent time learning another language, German. He got four German language books from the library and learned to read, write and speak the language. 'The only trouble was, no one could understand my German.'"

ICYMI Democrat Jimmy Carter was US  president at the time:

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