Friday, June 13, 2014

"Band of Brothers" vs Band of Merry Marxists

A documentary about Airborne Easy Company, on which the book and film "Band of Brothers" is based called "A Company of Heroes"

A Company of Heroes from Michael Gray on Vimeo.

 points out that Easy Company members enjoyed guns and the Bible

Such people Obama famously derided as bitterly clinging to their guns and religion:

In another documentary, "Dick Winters: Hang Tough" is narrated by actor Damian Lewis who portrayed Richard Winters in the film. @4 : 00 Lewis describes Winters as a real leader who "didn't lead from behind, he lead from the front.":

and a shorter clip in case above link breaks:

This is in contrast to Obama and his Merry Band of Marxists who insists that Obama likes to lead from behind, from April 28, 2011 Charles Krauthammer "Washington Post" article: "The Obama doctrine:Leading from behind"  
"Who truly reviles America the hegemon? The world that Obama lived in and shaped him intellectually: the elite universities; his Hyde Park milieu (including his not-to-be-mentioned friends, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn); the church he attended for two decades, ringing with sermons more virulently anti-American than anything heard in today’s full-throated uprising of the Arab Street.

It is the liberal elites who revile the American colossus and devoutly wish to see it cut down to size. Leading from behind — diminishing America’s global standing and assertiveness — is a reaction to their view of America, not the world’s."

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