Friday, June 20, 2014

As a Steeler fan I believe all other teams in AFC North are racist & should lose their copyrights

Cleveland Browns are racist and should change their name to something more inclusive and non-partisan like Rainbow Coalition.

Cincinnati Bengals are culturally insensitive to victims of tiger attacks.

Baltimore Ravens are racist because their mascot looks like the racist crows from Disney's "Dumbo" film.

Though how they are any more racist than "The Wiz" crows I'm not certain, but that's what the PC police have decreed:

The politicized partisan US Patent office cancelled the Washington DC football team copyright to their name b/c it's allegedly racist which Glenn Beck already debunked:

Hollywood hosts fundraisers for Democrats, so US music industry won't lose copyrights to their racist rap songs.

Indeed, the White House will continue promoting "gangsta culture", including Jay Z racist lyrics, and will continue giving Ted O'Baxter something to gripe about, b/c Ted only gets angry if you specifically insult him versus the Constitution or the country:

So, apparently,  the 1st Amendment has an asterisk, you're only allowed free speech if you donate to the correct political party.

Steelers don't have to worry because not only did their owner donate to the Obama campaign he also hosted an Obamacare palooza for "some people live, some people die" death panel Sebelius

From Triblive Oct. 10, 2013 Alex Nixon article "Sebelius visit fails to reassure as health care website glitches persist":

"Since's shopping function went live 10 days ago — the start of a six-month open enrollment period — it has been overwhelmed with traffic. That's a fact that the law's supporters have said shows how much demand there is for new health insurance options. Critics have said the problems show the law should be delayed or scrapped."

And, in case you missed it, an Obama crony was responsible for creating the failed obamacare website. Snopes categorizes this rumor as "mainly false" which means that it's actually "mainly true." Snopes admits that an Obama crony, who visited the White House, worked for the company that made the failed crashtastic website but contends that's just a coincidence, unlike George Bush and Halliburton, whose cronyism is listed as half true by politifact Because only Republicans can engage in cronyism since Democrats are as pure as the wind driven snow, according to Democrat media and their "fact checkers".

Partisan abuse of office and media CYA [cover your democrat donkeys] hackery is alive and well in the land of the free and the home of the brave, tho not Braves, because that MLB name is also racist and probably next in the crosshairs because team owner donated to Romney campaign, from David Markiewicz August 22, 2012 article "Braves owner top political donor among sports team bosses":

"The most generous single owner was Gregory Maffei of the Atlanta Braves, who dished $157,500 to Mitt Romney, American Crossroads, Restore Our Future, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.”

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