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#OH Primary is this Tuesday May 6, 2014 Update Results

Here's a sample ballot for the Tuesday May 6, 2014 primary in Greene County, Ohio:

You can look up to see if you're registered and where your polling station is located from the Greene County, OH website:

Primary Tues May 6
The Greene County Ohio Teaparty describes GOP Establishment vs Teaparty candidates. Sounds like Bruce Hull and Marlene Johnson are the teaparty candidates vs Steve Austria and Brenda Lewis are establishment RINOs for the Central Committee.
Both the Springfield News Sun and Dayton Daily News provide voting guides that include candidate biographies and platforms.  It sounds like incumbent Mike Turner is a big govt establishment RINO vs the limited govt challenger John Anderson. The only other contested seat is for the Judge of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations). Both Donatelli and Hurley are University of Dayton law school grads, but Donatelli sounds like he's an activist judge who wants to legislate from the bench vs Hurley sounds like limited govt strict constructionist.

W 5/7/2014 RESULTS:

Though outside my bailiwick incumbent Boehner won his primary challenge, from Daily Caller:"Boehner Beats Winteregg In Ohio Republican Primary"

"By that point, Boehner held 74 percent of the vote against 15 percent for schoolteacher Winteregg"

From Dayton Daily News article "Boehner, FitzGerald win; Dayton passes income tax" Incumbent GOP establishment Turner beat challenger:

"U.S. Rep. Mike Turner easily defeats John Anderson in Republican primary in the 10th District."

More taxes for roads and bridges passed:

"State Issue 1 passes. With unofficial poll results in, it seems clear that Ohio voters support a public works program which funds upgrades to infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and sewage"

From Xenia Gazette, strict constructionist Hurley beat out challenger Donatelli "Hurley edges out Donatelli" From the article, it sounds like was trying to pull a Arlen Specter. Donatelli sounds like a Democrat but realizes that most people in area are registered GOP, so he just ran as GOP vs Dem.

Also from Xenia Gazette, GOP establishment beat out teaparty challengers "Austria, Lewis win GOP State Central Committee seats"

"As of press time, Madison County Board of Elections reported that Austria had 1,952 votes for 75.25 percent, Anderson was at 392 votes, or 15.11 percent, and Hull had 250 votes, 9.64 percent. Lewis took 1,585 votes, or 71.62 percent, and Johnson had 628 votes for 28.38 percent"
And finally from the "Yellow Spring News" the increased tax levy purportedly going to Greene County Council on Aging also passed:

"Issue 3, the renewal levy with an increase for the Greene County Council on Aging, easily passed. County-wide, the levy garnered 12,843 votes in favor, with 7,542 voting against. The number of Yellow Springs votes, with precinct breakdowns, will not be available until after May 20, according to the Board of Elections.

The levy will provide about $100,000, or 35 percent of the total budget, to the Yellow Springs Senior Center, along with funding to nine other county agencies. In Yellow Springs, the funding supports transportation, homemaking care for elders in their homes, and a host of other services and activities."
ott I just noticed that altho Boehner has blue eyes and Atta had brown eyes, they both have/had long pretty eyelashes, and I'm sure that's their only similarity:

Of course, in the spirit of bipartisanship, unkind people point out facial similarities with other US politicians, such Nancy Pelosi:


 And here's Boehner's primary propaganda ad:

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