Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sounds like Pope Frank pulled an Obama

Sounds like Pope Frank pulled an Obama and just unilaterally overrode established agreed upon rules to push his personal political agenda w/ John XXIII sainthood, from NPR's April 25, 2014 article "Saint Who? John XXIII Overshadowed By John Paul II "

"While John XXIII may be less well-known than John Paul II, his canonization stands out in one way in particular: John XXIII will become one of the few people ever to become a one-miracle saint. Francis waived the normal requirement for two documented miracles."

As ABC  04/25/2014 video "Two Popes to Be Canonized as Saints" shows, Pope Frank wanted to have 1 lib, John XXIII, to balance out 1 legitimate conservative saint, John Paul II, who actually met all the standardized criteria. In order to get the liberal through, Frank had to lower standards, as per usual with liberal slackers.

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Of course communists on PBS feel that if everyone can't be a saint, nobody should be a saint:


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