Saturday, March 8, 2014

Did editorial cartoonist Oliphant inadvertently start the Iraq War?

"Yellow press" tycoon  Randolph "Citizen Kane" Hearst allegedly cabled illustrator Frederic "Cowboy" Remington wrt Spanish American War: "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war."

I ran across a quote in Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr book "The New World Strategy: A Military Policy for America's Future" that made me wonder whether the same had inadvertently been true for George H.W. Bush Sr's Gulf War.:

"If you want to overcome your enemy you must match your effort against his power of resistance," Clausewitz said, "which can be expressed as the product of two inseparable factors, viz. the total means at his disposal and  the strength of his will." Over 160 years later, those words were validated in the Gulf War.

An Asian diplomat commented that before that war, "America was regarded as a paper tiger." Although aware of the enormous military capability of the United States, the perception was that "the United States lacked the will to fight."

Believing that because of the strength of his will he had moral "escalation dominance" over President George Bush, then being denigrated as "the wimp in the White House," Iraq's Saddam Hussein launched his 1990 attack on Kuwait. He soon found that he had grossly underestimated his adversary.

At the time, Democrat editorial cartoonists like Oliphant were drawing GHW Bush as an emasculated man carrying a woman's purse:

because implying that a man is gay as an insult is OK if you're a Democrat.
Oliphant also hates Jews, specifically "Zionists":
and black people too, specifically conservatives:
I thought it might be ironic that the situational pacifist, Oliphant (who only hates wars when conservatives are in office and remains silent about military deaths when left of center pols are in power) might have provoked Hussein to start the Gulf War that Oliphant feigned to hate. 


Of course, maybe situational pacifist Oliphant was egging on war with Libya b/c he was jealous of Colonel Gadhafi's shared psycho sexual fascination with Condi Rice:

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