Sunday, March 9, 2014

Condi Rice Was a Girl Scout

In the March 9, 2014 Parade magazine article "Leading by Example: What These 3 Influential Women Want Girls Everywhere to Know Lynn Sherr interviewed former US SoS Condi Rice (CR), CEO Girl Scouts USA Anna Maria Chavez (AMC) , and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (SS).

AMC points out that all three female US Secretaries of State were former Girl Scouts. It's ironic that Hillary was a scout and sold cookies, when she famously didn't want to even bake cookies, viewing such quotidian kulak behavior to be beneath her dignity.

AMC then asserts "Research shows that almost half the girls in the US are living in [low-income households]." The parenthetical substitution was done by Parade magazine, which makes me wonder what exactly Chavez originally said. Perhaps Chavez originally said "single parent households"? Chavez continues "We've got to invest in them so they can break the cycle." So, government should punish hardworking and disciplined people by taxing them and rewarding people who make poor choices by redistributing money to them, which means we'll just get more of the same bad behavior.

For some odd reason, the Wall Street Journal only interviewed Chavez and Sandberg and shunned Dr Rice for their similar March 8-9,2014 article "Don't Call Us Bossy", maybe because Lynn Sherr wasn't there to play the nonpartisan referee vs two lib dems. The article includes a misleading dubious chart:

It could be more women than men are called bossy b/c "bossy" is a polite euphemism for more vulgar Anglo Saxon words directed towards obnoxious male bosses that are usually described the way bears are described @1:54 in the School House Rock adjective video:

Controlling for race, possibly religion, place of national origin, hair color, eye color, and other phenotype variables, cartoon characters Beetle Bailey and Sgt Snorkel routinely curse each other out:

In fact, the only time I've heard someone called bossy, crabby, or a fussbudget is Lucy van Pelt in Peanuts:

Rather than gender specific, the distinction between terms "bossy" and "bully" seems behavioral. If you just verbally abuse your opponent, you're "bossy":

Conversely, once you physically assault people, you've crossed the line into "bully":

Having a former Secretary of State defend the right of fictional characters not to be offended seems misplaced priorities when Putin's minions are shooting Ukrainians in the head in violation of a treaty President Clinton (Democrat) signed in 1994, from 28 February 2014 Weasel Zippers post "'Budapest Memorandum' Signed In 1994 May Commit U.S., Britain To Defend Ukraine", and President, then Senator Obama (Democrat) reaffirmed in 2005, from 5 March 2014 Daily Mail article "Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine" a point that ironically only Rush Limbaugh inconveniently seems to remind people:

I mentioned yesterday that Bill Clinton in 1994 (and then the Obama administration in 2009, reaffirmed it) gave official diplomatic assurances to Ukraine that their borders would be safe in exchange for the Ukrainians gutting their army and completely doing away with their sizable nuclear deterrent.

The Wall Street Journal rounded out their anti-bossy article with a quote from RINO SCOTUS squish Sandra Day O'Connor:

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has a pillow in her California home that declares: "I'm not bossy. I just have better ideas."

No, O'Connor didn't have better ideas than the writers of the US Constitution. She was a squishy unreliable RINO and if she had a y-chromosome, like Souter, I'd still call 'em a unreliable RINO squish (but at least O'Connor was on the side of individual liberty in Kelo v. City of New London, Conn and retired when a Republican was in office "Alito Leans Right, Where O'Connor Swung Left" unlike  super über evil Squish Souter "Sotomayor Replaces Souter… So What? One Liberal In, One Liberal Out" --thank you stupid Bush family).

Another reason Rice may have been shunned in the WSJ article is although she wore the "Ban Bossy" pin for the Parade cover:

Rice didn't sound 100% on board with the, as Rush Limbaugh would describe, feminazi  jihad against the 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights in the Parade article:

CR: Leadership is hard because everybody who doesn’t actually want to do it wants to tell you how to do it. You’d better have thick skin.

CR: What has always made our country special is that it doesn’t matter where you come from; it matters where you’re going. Our job is to make certain the pathways are open to both our boys and our girls.

So, instead of wearing a "ban bossy" pin, I'd rather win a "ban censorship" pin:

I'm not as sanguine as Emily Ekins in her March 13, 2014 Reason article "Sheryl Sandberg’s Word Police: Have You Banned Bossy Yet?"

it’s laudable that Sandberg has focused on changing culture through persuasion rather than petitioning Congress for another law.

b/c liberals start w/peer pressure and then community organize their way into authoritarian legislation.

So, as Lucy van Pelt would say, "Snap out of it! 5 cents, please."


  1. Condoleezza is so very wonderful lovely.

    1. I like Condi Rice, too, but I still don't support censorship